Friday, April 1, 2016

Bringing biology to the community!

The Biology and Allied Health Club shared their expertise with area children at a Saturday workshop at the Children's Museum in Bloomsburg on February 27, 2016. The children had the opportunity to explore the anatomy of the respiratory system, including a first hand look at pig lungs!  In the top photo, Kahli Castagnera is demonstrating how we breathe using a bell jar model. Joining in the demonstrations were club members: Jenny Young, Dana Frobese, Kahli Castagnera, Elizabeth Kester, Michaela Roth, Torrey Brubaker, Allie Ostman, Hosanna Mullen.
Children also had an opportunity to measure their own lung volumes with hand-held spirometers and listen to breath sounds (bottom photo.)  The club's advisors are Dr. Jennifer Venditti and Dr. Angela Hess. Thanks Biology Club for bringing biology to our community.