Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jacob Morton receives Dr. Margaret Till Physiology Award

Dr. Margaret Till, professor emerita and former department chairperson, established a physiology award to be granted to a junior or senior who is currently enrolled or has successfully completed at least one senior physiology course and integrated physiology lab. Candidates must write an essay describing the impact of physiology on their career. A $250 cash award and a plaque is presented to the student award winner. This year's recipient is Jacob Morton. Jake, a biology, pre-medical sciences major, was the Historian and Vice-President of Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society. He has been named to Who's Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities. He conducted research with Dr. Surmacz on the effects of temperature on the cellular stress responses of blackworms and presented his work at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences. Jake will attend dental school at New York University. Congratulations Jake!

Dr. Stephen Schell Scholarship Recipients Named

Shaidy Moronta
Katherine Hawkins and Justin VanDerMolen
Dr. Stephen E. Schell, MD (BS Biology, 1975), a board certified otolaryngologist and graduate of Temple University School of Medicine, has generously established an award to assist pre-medical science students in preparing for osteopathic or allopathic medical school. The Dr. Stephen Schell Scholarship provides funds of $300 - $500 to help defray the cost of a preparatory course for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).  Receiving the 2015 Dr. Stephen Schell Scholarship are  Katherine Hawkins, Shaidy Moronta, and Justin VanDerMolen. Katie, Justin and Shaidy are all B.S. Biology, pre-medical science majors. Congratulations!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Biological and Allied Health Science Scholarhip

The Biological and Allied Health Sciences Scholarship, begun in 2004, is funded by donations from alumni and faculty The scholarship supports Biology and Health Science majors who are currently sophomores or juniors and have completed 12 credits in biological science courses at Bloomsburg University. Two scholarships of $250 are awarded. The recipients for the 2015-2016 academic year are biology majors Shaidy Moronta and Jonathan Perez.  Shaidy is the Vice-President of the Student Organization of Latinos, a member of the Multicultural Advisory Board, and has achieved level 2 certification in Leadership Engagement. She has received a Board of Governors Scholarship and a  Dr. Stephen Schell Scholarship. Shaidy has participated in Geisinger Medical Center's Jan Plan for pre-medical science students and the Summer Medical Dental Education Program. Active in the BU community, Shaidy is involved in SHARE tutoring, the Maroon and Gold Band, Odyssey of the Mind, Intramural sports, and Aqui y Ahara mentoring. She is also a featured student on the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education website. Jonathan is a member of the Pre-Medical Sciences Club and will serve as secretary during the upcoming academic year. He has been a member of Developing Ambitious Student Leaders and the Chess Club. Jonathan is an Emergency Medical Technician and is certified in CPR/AED and as a first responder. He puts his skills to work as a volunteer for Danville Ambulance.  Congratulations Shaidy and Jonathan!

Jonathan Perez

Shaidy Moronta

Outstanding Senior in Allied Health Award

Myrle Newcomer, the recipient of the Outstanding Senior
 in Allied Health Award, at work at her clinical site at
 Robert Packer Hospiral.

Myrle Newcomer  was selected as the 2014-2015 Outstanding Senior in Allied Health Science based on her academics, leadership, and community involvement. Myrle will graduate summa cum laude at the end of summer 2015 with a degree in Health Science, Medical Laboratory Science. She has been named to the Dean's List each semester.  Myrle has received an Academic Trustee Scholarship, the American Society for Clinical Pathology Siemens’ Legacy Scholarship, and the James E. Parsons Microbiology Scholarship. She received a  Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Freshman Academic Award for outstanding achievement during her freshman year. Myrle was inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society as a junior and into the Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society. While on campus, she was a biology tutor and a member of Developing Ambitious Student Leaders (DASL). She participated in Club Tennis and Intramural Volleyball. She was a Team Leader at Little League International and helped train new employees and a project manager for  "The Big Event.” She is currently completing a 12-month clinical internship at Robert Packer Hospital School of Medical Technology in Clinical Laboratory Sciences.  Following graduation, Myrle plans to begin working in a hospital medical laboratory. Her current departmental interests include immunohematology and clinical chemistry. She intends to pursue a Master’s degree to later obtain either a management or more specialized departmental position in the future. Congratulations Myrle!

Katelyn Garbrick is awarded the Dr. James E. Parsons Scholarship

The Dr. James E. Parsons scholarship was established by Dr. Parsons, retired microbiology professor emeritus, who coordinated the department’s medical laboratory science program for many years. The scholarship supports Biology and Health Science majors who are currently sophomores or juniors with preference given to Medical Laboratory Science majors.  This scholarship for $630 was awarded to Katelyn Garbrick for the 2015-2016 academic year. Katelyn serves the community as a member of Developing Ambitious Student Leaders and as a volunteer for Mission Central. She is also active in her church youth group. Katelyn plans to become a medical laboratory scientist. Congratulations Katelyn!

Dr. James Cole Scholarship Awarded to Tiffany Mulligan

The Dr. James E. Cole Scholarship was established in 2003 by Dr. James Cole, professor emeritus and former chairperson of the Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences. Dr. Cole was instrumental in establishing allied health programs in the department. This scholarship of $540 supports medical imaging majors.  This year's recipient is Tiffany Mulligan. Tiffany, a resident of Seward, PA, is a member of the Science and Health Science Living and Learning Community.  As a member of Developing Ambitious Student Leaders, she has been involved in a variety of community service activities. Tiffany served on BU's Homecoming Committee and helped to plan and organize the Homecoming Parade. She is also a volunteer at the Danville SPCA. Tiffany plans to become an X-ray technologist and eventually a radiation therapist. As evident in her photo at right, she enjoys anatomy and physiology! Congratulations Tiffany!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

College of Science and Technology Honors Symposium

BAHS students were recognized at the annual College of Science and Technology Honors Symposium on April 20. Congratulations to the following award recipients: 

Honor Graduates: 

Summa Cum Laude:  Myrle Newcomer

Magna Cum Laude:  Katherine Hawkins, Brendon Juengst, Ashley Kerstetter, Angela Lynch

Cum Laude:  Katlin Aunkst, Heather Cleary, Ashlin Fields, Sean Hartzell, Adam Kulp, Amanda Norcini, Alexandra Savidge, David Strawn, Noelle Verosky

Scholarships & Awards
Katelyn Garbrick
James E. Parsons Microbiology Scholarship
Tiffany Mulligan
James E. Cole Scholarship
Jonathan Perez & Shaidy Moronta
Biological & Allied Health Sciences Scholarship
Jacob Morton
Margaret Till Physiology Award
Myrle Newcomer
Outstanding Senior in Allied Health Award
Katherine Hawkins
Outstanding Senior in Biology Award

Katherine Hawkins, Shaidy Moronta & Justin VanDerMolen                                                                                                      
Dr. Stephen Schell Scholarship
John Gennaria
Einsla Scholarship

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Celebrating Student Success

Congratulations to Biology and Allied Health Students who earned a GPA of 3.5 or greater, completed 12 or more credits, and were named to the Dean’s List for Spring Semester 2015. Great job!

Biology BA
Marcus Roberts, Natural History
Lauren Semenas

Biology BS
Brandon Arnsberger, Pre-Medical Science
Emily Ashberry
Carrie-Anne Barry, Pre-Medical Science
Allison Bleistein, Environmental Biology
Lauren Chamberlin, Pre-Medical Science
Sara Clemens, Pre-Medical Science
Jamie Davis, Pre-Medical Science
Daniel Deignan, Pre-Medical Science
Kira England, Environmental Biology
Brooke Esbenshade, Environmental Biology
Elliott Fackler, Environmental Biology
Olivia Falko, Pre-Medical Science
Nathan Feiertag, Pre-Medical Science
Bryce Foster, Environmental Biology
Haley Giannone, Environmental Biology
Brendon Juengst
Chad Klinedinst, Environmental Biology
Kurt Knepley, Pre-Medical Science
Nathaniel Kresge
Jordan Kropf, Environmental Biology
Joel Kulick, Pre-Medical Science
Adam Kulp
Rachel Livengood, Environmental Biology
William Madden, Pre-Medical Science
Malyn Maloney
Patrick Martin
Rachel McDonald, Pre-Medical Science
Shaidy Moronta, Pre-Medical Science
Jacob Morton, Pre-Medical Science
Jonathan Perez, Pre-Medical Science
Ethan Powell, Pre-Medical Science
Marcus Roberts, Pre-Medical Science
Samantha Rodrigues, Pre-Medical Science
Brian Shields
Charlene Strange
Michelle Stranix
David Strawn, Molecular Biology
Matthew Swift, Pre-Medical Science
Gabriella Tammaro, Pre-Medical Science
Danielle Treon
Alex Trezza, Pre-Medical Science
Jennifer Tuomisto, Environmental Biology
Julio Valencia-Velez, Pre-Medical Science
Justin Vandermolen, Pre-Medical Science
Michaela Wagner, Pre-Medical Science
Dagmara Wnuk, Pre-Medical Science
Adrienne Yordy, Pre-Medical Science
Samantha Yuschock, Pre-Medical Science
Brandon Zimmerman

Health Sciences BS
Katlin Aunkst, Pre-Physician Assistant
Hanan Ben Nacef, Pre-Physical Therapy
Paige Betts, Medical Lab Science
Gabriella Bonchack, Pre-Physician Assistant
Mikala Britt, Pre-Physician Assistant
Emily Broadbent, Pre-Physician Assistant
Kahli Castagnera, Pre-Physical Therapy
Lauren Chamberlin, Pre-Physician Assistant
Hannah Cherry, Pre-Physical Therapy
Sara Clemens, Pre-Physician Assistant
Aubrey Cole, Pre-Physician Assistant
Valerie Davi, Pre-Physical Therapy
Jamie Davis, Pre-Physician Assistant
Jonathan Del Colliano, General
Danielle Delgiorno, Pre-Physical Therapy
Meaghan Eckel, Pre-Physical Therapy
Tessa Eckman, General
Thomas Epsaro, Pre-Physical Therapy
Kyle Flannery, Pre-Physical Therapy
Sarah Fogleman, Medical Lab Science
Katelyn Fore, Pre-Physical Assistant
Courtney Fritz, General
Rebecca Goldstein, Medical Lab Science
Krista Hayes, Medical Lab Science
Jade Hensinger, Pre-Physician Assistant
Dylan Houser, Pre-Physical Therapy
Troy Koch, Pre-Physical Therapy
Emily Kossifos, Pre-Physical Therapy
Nathaniel Kresge, Pre-Physical Therapy
Heather Langdon, Pre-Physical Therapy
Kayla Lavella, Pre-Physical Therapy
William Madden, General
Oswald Mancini, Medical Lab Science
Natalie Mayo, Pre-Physical Therapy
Brittany McNair, Pre-Physical Therapy
Yasmeen Mercado, Pre-Physician Assistant
Philip Mosolino, Pre-Physical Therapy
Bethany Noll, Pre-Physical Therapy
Benjamin Paul, Pre-Physical Therapy
Dominick Policare, Pre-Physical Therapy
Ryan Rhoades, Pre-Physician Assistant
Jacklyn Rispin, General
Cody Seachrist, Pre-Physician Assistant
Cole Sexton, Pre-Physical Therapy
Erin Smith, Pre-Physical Therapy
Michelle Stranix, Pre-Physician Assistant
Katherine Sutton, General
Gabriella Tammaro, Pre-Physician Assistant
Mallory Tomaschik, Pre-Physician Assistant
Brittany Underkoffler, Medical Lab Science

Medical Imaging BS
Darianny Antonio
Emily Barrett
Cassandra Becker
Amber Bogdanowicz
Kaitlin Brown
Leah Chan
Hannah Cherry
Allison Chory
Tonya Copello
Bethany Deppen
Tessa Eckman
Jennifer Galer
Lindsay Gehman
John Gennaria
Jade Hoffman
Kaitlin Juran
James Kelly
Eleanor Kirby
Joel Kulick
Jessica Lavalva
Oswald Mancini
Emily McMaster
Lily Mehalick
Tiffany Mulligan
Elle Murdock
Megan Onavage
William Orner
Mitchel Petersen
Jennifer Reynolds
Kylie Ruhl
Stephanie Serafin
Cole Sexton
Samantha Sharo
Megan Smith
Derek Stahl
Morgan Stauffer
Devan Sweeney
Alyssa Torch
Derek Tripp
Stevie Voss
Dagmara Wnuk
Rachael Wood

Samantha Yuschock

BAHS Alumna Feature-Sarah Monaco

Sarah Monaco, B.S. Biology, spring 2012, graduated on May 15 with a M.S. in Neuroscience from Drexel University College of Medicine.While at BU, Sarah conducted research with Dr. George Chamuris on basidiospore germination and bark texture preference of bark-inhabiting fungi. At Drexel, Sarah's thesis was entitled "GSK3β influences NMDA receptor expression by regulating β-catenin abundance in prefrontal cortical neurons" and was under the direction of major advisor Dr. Wen-Jun Gao. Sarah shares the following about her experience: 

 As a neuroscience master's student at Drexel University College of Medicine my research focused on cell signaling pathways relevant for cognition, with a particular interest in schizophrenia. I utilized primary neuronal cultures, pharmacological treatment, and Western blotting techniques to: 1) elucidate the sequence of events in a cellular signaling mechanism 2) determine what leads to NMDA receptor expression upregulation and down regulation, and 3) identify potential therapeutic targets for the treatment of disorders afflicted with cognitive impairments. My project helps the laboratory in our larger goal of understanding what controls cellular components important for cognition, particularly within the prefrontal cortex. From this study, we hope to further the field in determining the best cellular component to target in order to specifically increase NMDA receptor expression as a means to improve cognition in disorders such as schizophrenia.  Overall my research found that GSK3β activity influences gene transcription of NR2A, with effects mediated by β-catenin availability.
My first year of graduate school started off difficult, trying to find my niche both academically as well as socially.  I spent the majority of my time studying for courses, with the rest spent gaining experience in an independent laboratory setting.  I started to make close friends in my program, pushing ourselves as well as each other to be better students; I slowly began acquiring confidence in my scientific thinking.  Now after 2 and a half years, I can proudly say that I have been shaped into an intelligent, hard-working, analytical, creative, and independent-thinker.  There were several challenging days, but graduate school has molded me into my best self; I am not only a better person scientifically speaking, but a better person as a whole.

BAHS Faculty at the Bloomsburg Middle School Science Fair

Bloomsburg sixth graders shared their passion for science at the Bloomsburg Middle School Science and Technology Fair on May 14, 2015.  All projects were based on questions posed by the students, used scientific methodology, and required problem solving skills.   Topics ranged from the amount of bacteria on socks to the effects of playing video games on pulse and blood pressure.  Serving as volunteer judges were Drs. Angela Hess, Jennifer Venditti, and Cindy Surmacz. Ms. Carrie Hoover, sixth grade teacher and BAHS alumna, organized the event.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dr. James Cole named Honorary Alumnus

Dr. James Cole was named Honorary Alumnus by the BU Alumni Society at their annual spring alumni awards ceremony. Dr. Cole, professor emeritus in the Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences, served the University for 33 years. Dr. Cole was a former department chairperson and was at the forefront of establishing allied health programs in the department. He endowed the James E. Cole scholarship that provides support to a medical imaging student. Congratulations Dr. Cole!

Conngratulations to Dr. James Cole, honorary alumnus, pictured at center.

Tri-Beta Hosts Senior Celebration

Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society bids farewell to graduating BAHS seniors at an ice-cream sundae reception in Hartline. Congratulating outgoing Tri-Beta President Adam Kulp are incoming officers for the 2015-2016 academic year: President, Chris Bastardi; Vice- President, Kahli Castagnera; Secretary, Jean-Nicole Place; Treasurer, Natalie Mayo; and Historian,  Kira England.

Pre-medical Sciences Club Updates

The Pre-medical Sciences Club had a very successful year that included guest speakers, workshops, trips, and numerous service activities. At right, Eric Elliott and Katie Hawkins, raise funds to support the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. The club's relay team raised $587 to support the programs of the American Cancer Society. Club members who attended the relay were  Katie Mullen, Sean DeAngelo, Tyler Grubb, Jessica Peters, Jon Perez, and Ali-reza Mobaraki. 

The club recently held a get-together to celebrate the end of a successful year. Thank you to all outgoing officers for a job well done!  Best of luck to graduating seniors. Picking up the reigns are next year's officers: President- Katie Mullen; Vice President- Vince YaegerTreasurer- Jessica Peters; Secretary- Jon PerezPublic Relations- Alex Trezza. Dr. Joseph Ardizzi is the club's advisor. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Congratulations Spring 2015 BAHS Graduates

BAHS salutes its spring semester graduates at a reception for graduates, family, and friends immediately following commencement on May 8, 2015 (a warm day!) Thanks to Biology and Allied Health Club and Tri-Beta for hosting this event!

B.A. Biology
Meagan Beakler
Sierra Fortunato
Rachel Koch

B.A Biology/Natural History
Kelly Deguzman
Alexis Eisenhart
Sean Hartzell
B.S. Biology
Erin Cannaday
Katherine Geissinger
Brendon Juengst
Kenneth Kirby
Adam Kulp
Ashley Wagner
Erick Wahlman
B.S. Biology/Environmental Biology
Caitlin Dickson
Bryce Foster
Lisa Francis
Brooke Shea
B.S. Biology/Molecular Biology
David Strawn
B.S. Biology/Pre-medical Sciences
Christopher Asimos
Martina Drew
Katherine Hawkins
Ali Hussain
Jacob Morton
Samantha Rodrigues
Julio Valencia-Velez
Sandra Zelonis
B.S. Health Sciences
Ashton Hassoinger
Matthew Kendra
Logan Lesher
Sean McLaughlin
Amanda Norcini
Josie Pervola
B.S. Health Sciences/
Medical lab science
Myrle Newcomer
B.S. Health Sciences/
Pre-physician Assistant
Jill Andrews
Katline Aunkst
Mary Foderaro
Jade Heisman
Kerri Horwath
Taylor Howells
Elaine McCauley
Deanna Schwartz
Jamie Vaniver
B.S. Health Sciences/Pre-physical therapy
Heather Cleary
Sarah Hower
Emily Kossifos
Bradley MacMaster
James Siggia
Shelby Weikel
B.S. Health Sciences/Medical Imaging
Chelsea Armstrong
Morgan Balsbaugh
Brittany Bartol
Devon Chilenshky
Samanatha Crago
Lindsay Dooley
Michael Duff
Ashlin Fields
Samantha Fields
Zachary Frace
Christina Gampa
Emily Nicole Gross
Stepjanie James
Alicia Kelly
Ashley Kerstetter
Alyssa Kresge
Taylor Kreston
Robin Leonard
Sharon Loomis
Jacquelyn Lutz
Angela Lynch
Amanda Mannino
Shaun McNamara
Jamie Oravecz
Joelle Orlando
Megan Ortlieb
Breanna Parsons
Cicelia Paulus
Olivia Peck
Courtney Rudisill
Jennifer Sabins
Alexandra Savidge
Ashley Stickler
Danielle Strasbaugh
Noelle Verosky
Jessica Wang

Outstanding Senior in Biology Award

Katherine Hawkins, 2014-2015
Outstanding Senior in Biology
Katherine Hawkins is the recipient of the 2014-2015 Outstanding Senior in Biology Award. Katie, a biology, pre-medical sciences major and chemistry minor, graduated magna cum laude. Katie plans to attend medical school. She has gained health care experience during an internship at Susquehanna Valley Medical Specialties Family Practice and a clinical rotation called Jan Plan at Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, PA. This summer she is conducting clinical research in the Department of Urology at Geisinger Medical Center. Katie is a campus leader serving as the president of the Pre-medical Sciences Club and the secretary of Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society. Her outstanding achievements have been recognized by a host of honors and awards including dean’s list each semester, selection for membership in The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, the Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding Freshman Award, the Dr. Stephen Schell Scholarship, and recognition in Who’s Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities.  Katie serves her community as captain of her Relay for Life Team, a volunteer tutor, and a judge the Health Sciences Symposium poster contest. She has spearheaded a fundraising campaign to benefit a primary school in Tanzania. Katie hopes to pursue a career in trauma surgery or emergency medicine.

BAHS Honors Program Graduates

Brendon Juengst (left) and  Bryce Foster (right)
don their honors program stoles at the Senior
Honors Program Brunch.
       Brendon Juengst and Bryce Foster recently completed the requirements of the University Honors Program. The University Honors Program focuses on academics, service, and community.  Students are required to take a a variety of special honors courses, complete two semesters of Honors Independent Study in which they engage in original research under the guidance of a faculty member, and become involved in the community through service projects.
       Bryce's Honors Thesis investigated "The Differences in Foraging Behavior and Predation of Small Mammals in Human Populated Environments Compared to Wilderness Events." His research mentor was Dr. Marianna Wood.
       Brendon's Honors Thesis was "An Investigation into a Putative Fe³ᶧ Transporter from Oats." Dr. George Davis was his mentor.
Congratulations Bryce and Brendon! This is a great accomplishment.

BU hosts 24th Annual Health Sciences Symposium

The 24th Annual Health Sciences Symposium focused on the theme "Dying and Death: End of Life Issues." The keynote address was delivered on April 23 by Dr. F. Daniel Davis, Director of Bioethics, Geisinger Health System. He spoke on "Dying and Death: They Ain't What they Used to Be.  Controversies Surrounding the Definition, Experience, and Medicalization of Dying and Death." Dr. Davis also led  a workshop entitled "Bioethics: An Open Forum"  on April 24. The Symposium included a Wellness Fair with over 40 booths featuring health screenings and wellness information. Among the many concurrent sessions was a presentation entitled "From Bloomsburg to Biotech: A Primer and Guide to a Career in the Pharmaceutical Industry" by BU alumni Henry J. Riordan, Ph.D., Executive Vice President Medical and Scientific Affairs Global Clinical Lead for Neuroscience Worldwide Clinical Trials and Gene G. Kinney, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Head of Research & Development Prothena Biosciences, Inc. Students in Anatomy and Physiology II presented posters on health-related topics. Pictured at right are Health Science majors Brittany Underkoffler  and Olivia Burley with their poster on melanoma and the somatic cell cycle. Serving as undergraduate poster judges were BAHS majors Katlin Aunkst and Katie Hawkins.The symposium was sponsored by Berwick Health and Wellness Foundation, the Provost's Lecture Series, and the Science and Health Science Living and Learning Community. Dr Jennifer Venditti was the symposium co-chair and Drs. Kipe-Nolt and Surmacz served on the symposium committee.

Biology Trivia Returns!

What is cranial nerve number 7? What is a coprolite? What classic book written in 1962 by Rachel Carson warned of the dangers of DDT and launched the current environmental movement? What is the excretory organ of an earthworm?  The answers to these and other random questions were the subject of Tri-Beta's Biology Trivia Night this semester. BAHS faculty, alumnus Blake Shoemaker, graduate students & undergraduates  gathered for pizza, prizes, and a good time. Trivia questions ranged from genetics and molecular biology to botany and taxonomy. Something for everyone! Bragging rights this semester go to the team of Jacob Morton, Blake Shoemaker, Katie Hawkins and Jessica Willis who narrowly edged the competition to claim victory. Thanks to all who came out to play Biology Trivia. Hope to see you next semester! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

What's Up in the Cell Biology Lab?

Cell Biology students proposed hypotheses and designed experiments to investigate factors that influence the rates of photosynthesis.  Shown below are students conducting their own experiments in the Cell Biology lab.
Jonathan Perez, Sarah Bartra and Molly Crawford perform a floating leaf disk assay.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists

BAHS was well-represented at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists (CPUB) at Indiana University of Pennsylvania on April 10 and 11, 2015.  The annual meeting is an opportunity for faculty and students from universities in the PA State System of Higher Education  to join for a day of research presentations and workshops. The keynote address "Circadian genes, rhythms, and the biology of mood disorders" was delivered by Dr. Colleen McClung from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Attending were BAHS students Linda Tucker Serniak, Jessica Willis, Alan Belles and faculty members Dr. Kevin Williams and Dr. William Coleman

The following research projects were presented:
Jessica Willis and William Coleman. Investigation of the Colocalization of Synaptotagmin I and Synapsin I in the Mouse Neuromuscular Junction.

Linda Tucker Serniak and Clay Corbin: The Effects of Japanese Knotweed on Avian Diversity and Function in Riparian Corridors. 

Katherine Hawkins was honored at the CPUB banquet as the recipient of the Outstanding Senior in Biology award. Outstanding seniors were recognized from each of the PA System of High Education universities. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

BAHS at the College of Science and Technology Research and Scholarship Day

Research Day

The following graduate students presented their thesis proposals at the College of Science and Technology Research Day on May 1, 2015:
Samirah Boksmati and Dr. Candice Klingerman. Dr. Effects of Neuropeptide Y on Sexual Behaviors of Female Hamsters

Shandna Burroughs and Dr. Candice Klingerman. Effects of Specific Neuropeptide Y Subtypes (Y1, Y5) on the Sexual and Ingestive Behavior of Female Hamsters.

Andrew King and Dr. William Schwindinger. Missed Departure: The Potential Role of GNG4 in Kallman Syndrome.

Jamie Shinskie and Drs Amber Pitt, Steven Rier and Tina Delahunty (Environmental, Geographical and Geological Sciences). Reassessment of eastern Hellbender Distribution in the Greater Susquehanna River Drainage.

Jessica Baker and Dr. Thomas Klinger. Ecological Feeding, Niche Overlap between Three Species of Sea Cucumbers: Scleradactyla briareus, Thyonella gemmate, and Leptosynapta tenuis.

We look forward to hearing the results of your research.

The following undergraduates gave oral presentations:
David Strawn and Drs. Carl Hansen and Janet Robishaw (Geisinger Health System).Association of Patient Genotypes and Phenotypes.

Bryce Foster and Dr. Marianna Wood. The Differences in Foraging Behavior and Predation os Small Mammals in Human Populated Environments compared to Natural Environments.

Neil Breskiewicz and Dr. Carl Hansen. Genetically Modified Immune System Cells for Cancer Treatment.

The following posters were presented by BAHS undergraduates:
Alan Newnham and Dr. Clay Corbin. Relative Population Density and Behavioral Time Budgets of Seaside Dragonlets (Erythrodiplax Bernice) in Impaired and Intact Saltmarsh Habitats.

Ali Hussain and Dr. William Schwindinger. Differential Methylation of Gng7 in Normal B6 Mouse Tissues.

Ashley Wagner and Dr. Michael Borland (Chemistry and Biochemistry). PPAR beta/delta and PPAR gamma Modulated UV INduced apoptosis and cytokine secretion in a Human Melanoma Cell Line.

BAHS students present research at the Pennsylvania Academy of Science Meeting

The 91st Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science was held on April 11 at Lebanon Valley College. Jacob Morton, Blake Shoemaker and Drs. Surmacz and Hranitz presented a poster on their research on the "Effects of Temperature on the Levels of Heat Shock Protein 70 in Blackworms (Lumbriculus variegatus)." The aim of this research is to determine if blackworms can be used as bioindicators to assess the health of aquatic ecosystems. Blackworms are good candidates because they are sensitive to a variety of environmental toxins and display easily measured physiological responses to stress.  Jake and Blake's research investigated the physical properties, physiological and behavioral changes, and cellular stress responses in a population of cold-adapted worms in order to establish a control for comparison. Dr. Surmacz also presented a talk on "Vision and Change in the Biology Classroom:  Meet the Life Science Teaching Resource Community."

BAHS Students selected to Membership in Phi Kappa Phi

 Phi Kappa Phi is the nation's oldest, largest and most selective honor society that recognizes academic achievement in all fields of higher education. Only the top 7.5% of juniors and the top 10% of seniors are eligible to join the society. The following BAHS students were inducted on April 19 at a ceremony attended by faculty, administrators, and family members: Kahli Castagnera, Health Sciences, pre-physical therapy; Lauren Chamberlain, Biology, pre-medical sciences; Kira England, Biology, environmental biology; Sean Hartzell, Biology, natural history; Adam Kulp, Biology; Amanda Ponter, Biology; Justin VanDerMolen, Biology, pre-medical sciences. BAHS students who were inducted previously include Katherine Hawkins, Biology, pre-medical sciences; Brendon Juengst, Biology; and Myrle Newcomer, Health Sciences, medical laboratory science.

Brendon Juengst Nominated for National Fellowship

Brendon Juengst was nominated by the Bloomsburg University chapter of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi  to the national fellowship competition of Phi Kappa Phi.  The national organization awards 57 fellowships of $5,000 and 3 fellowships of $15,000 in support of the first year of graduate study.  Brendon, a biology major with minors in music and chemistry, graduated magna cum laude in May 2015. Brendon has been very active in undergraduate research. As a member of the University Honors Program, he conducted a two-semester honors research project with mentor Dr. George Davis that investigated a putative ferric iron transport protein in oats. The aim of this work is to use the tools of genetic engineering to improve the efficiency of iron uptake in crop plants grown in low iron soils. Brendon also conducted research at the Weis Center for Research, Geisinger Medical Center, where he examined the effects of heat shock protein inhibitors on bladder cancer cell lines in the laboratory of Drs. Alice Cavanaugh and Heinric Williams. Brendon garnered the award for the Best Clinical/Translational Poster at the Susquehanna Valley Undergraduate Research Symposium for this study. He has received two grants to support his research, the Donald Rabb Research Fund Grant and the Jessica S. and Steven R. Kozloff Undergraduate Research Grant.

Brendon has excelled in and out of the classroom. He has been named to the Dean’s list during each of his semesters at Bloomsburg University and has received the Board of Governors Scholarship, the David and Roberta Soltz Scholarship, the Highmark Freshman Scholarship, and the James R. Hammaker Memorial Scholarship. Brendon is active in the Honors Program where he has served two years as chair of the Recruiting Committee and has engaged in numerous service activities in the surrounding community. Brendon plays viola in the Bloomsburg University Community Orchestra and Bloomsburg Chamber Orchestra, where he serves as president and vice-president, respectively.  Brendon has volunteered for Minority Affairs for several semesters. He has been selected for membership in Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society and the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and has been recognized by a listing in Who’s Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities. Brendon will attend Penn State University in the fall 2015 to begin working on his Ph.D. in plant biology.