Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Introduction to Health Care Practice

Students in Biology 301, Introduction to Health Care Practice, are practicing recording vital signs before going to Geisinger Medical Center for their clinical experience.  Biology 301 students will spend 400 hours at Geisinger working as nursing assistants.  Biology 301 is a new health science elective for students pursing admission to a Physician Assistant graduate program. Dr. Jennifer Venditti developed the course and is the course instructor.

DNA Day at Danville Elementary School

The Biology and Allied Health Club visited Mrs. Long’s class at Danville Primary Elementary School twice in May to teach students about DNA.  During the first lesson, students learned about DNA structure and built DNA models using candy!  The second lesson involved extracting DNA from a banana.  Lessons were conducted by the club advisors (Dr. Hess and Dr. Venditti), Dana Frobese (club President), and Andrew King (graduate student).

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Great STEM Adventure Camp

BU hosted over 250 students in grades 5 to 9 for the Great STEM Adventure camp. BAHS held sessions for the Investigators, a group of seventh and eighth graders, that included experiments in scientific inquiry, forensics, neuroscience, sensation, human physiology, and microscopy. Highlights included mapping your brain's homunculus, using microscopes to solve crimes, and following the trails of termites. Leading the way were biology master's students Kirk Jeffreys, Brad Ohlinger, Jamie Shinskie and Andy King, education graduate student  Jennifer Momenzadeh, and Dr. Surmacz.  A great adventure was had by all!
Checking out blind spots and dominant eyes!

Kirk leading investigations on receptor distribution,

Brad, Jenny and the Investigators


Examining exhibits from the crime scene.

Jennifer, Brad and Jamie and campers explore the microscopic world.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Graduation at the Geisinger School of Radiological Technology

          Ten BAHS medical imaging majors received their diplomas in radiologic technology at the graduation ceremony on June 17, 2016  at the Hood Center for Research at Geisinger Medical Center.  The ceremony was led by program director Kenneth Roszel, a Bloomsburg University alumnus  (B.S. and M.S.) and attended by Drs. Judith Kipe-Nolt, BAHS allied health coordinator, and Dr. Barry Nolt, medical imaging and internship advisor. Dr. Cynthia Surmacz delivered the commencement address.  The following BAHS students received their pin, diploma, and some fun parting gifts: Kiana Bellesfield, Troy Dorman, Kristin Ezzyk, McKensie Haines, Eric Hendrickson, Amanda Layton, Emily Sylvester, Justin Winn, Kelly Wrzesinski, and Keena Zalar. 

          Geisinger's School of Radiologic Technology first opened in 1948 and was closed in 1997. The program re-opened in 2002, under the direction of Mr. Roszel.  Over the history of the school, 496 radiologic technologists have graduated from the program. The school is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education. Following its most recent review, the school was awarded the maximum accreditation period of eight years. For the past seven years, averages on the American Radiologic Registry Examinations by the program's graduates have exceeded state and national averages. Congratulations to all of our Geisinger graduates. We are very proud of you!
Emily Sylvester and friend

Keena Zalar and friend

Justin Winn

The graduates pose for a final group photo during post-graduation celebrations. 

Brooke Esbenshade interns at Dolphin Research Center

Brooke Esbenshade and friend.
photo courtesy of: Dolphin Research Center,
Grassy Key, FL www.dolphins.org
Brooke Esbenshade, a December 2015 graduate with a B.S. in Biology, conducted a 4 month training internship at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida following graduation. Brooke’s responsibilities include serving in the volunteer office, learning about animal care and training, maintaining sea lion and bird habitats, observing swims, and feeding and training dolphins, sea lions, and birds alongside the professional trainers. Brooke reports that this was “an awesome experience!” As a result of this wonderful experience, Brooke is now employed full-time by the Dolphin Research Center. Congratulations Brooke!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Pelagic Birding

Dr. Clay Corbin's Field Zoology class is spending the week at the Chincoteague Field Station in Wallops Island, VA. At left, Ben Paul and Mike Russell check out the pelagic birds, while Dave Carney looks on. Looks like fun!

Field Zoology (Biology 252) studies animals (mainly vertebrates) with emphasis on field observation, animal identification, field research techniques, and data collection and analysis. The class visits field sites to gain experience with field methods and data collection. . 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Research in the Coleman Lab

Kurt Knepley, Dr. Coleman, and Kirk Jeffreys
Dr. William Coleman has been mentoring two research students this summer.  Kurt Knepley, a B.S. Biology- molecular option student, is conducting an independent research project (Biology 390) investigating the distribution of synapsin proteins within the earthworm nervous system using immunohistochemical techniques.  He will also be investigating the possible interaction of synapsin III with Rab3a using an immunofluorescence colocalization assay.   Kurt was awarded an Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activities (URSCA) award for his summer research.  Kirk Jeffreys is a  graduate student in the M.S. Biology program.  Kirk is investigating vesicle cycling and vesicle pool dynamics using the fluorescent styryl dye Synaptogreen within the earthworm nervous system as part of his thesis research. 

Dr. Klinger reports on his sabbatical in Panama

Dr. Thomas Klinger
So… what did you do in Panama?...

While in Panama, I joined the laboratory of Dr. Haris Lessios, a Senior Researcher at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.  I was invited to join Dr. Lessios's ongoing investigations of the Molecular Evolution of Sea Urchins.  My contribution was documenting thermal tolerances of Caribbean and Pacific sea urchins.  Worldwide, seawater temperatures are rising in tropical coastal environments.  Because of this year's El Niño, the effects of grossly elevated temperatures on the Pacific coast of Panama are starkly apparent.  However, changes resulting from the more incremental increases in water temperature on the Caribbean coast are also very visible.  While collaborating with Dr. Lessios's laboratory, I did most of my work at the Naos Marine Laboratory (officially, the Labortorios de Biología Molecular y Evolución) just outside of Panama City.  Naos has a wonderful open-air aquarium room where I could watch the container ships queue up to enter the Canal while I worked.  I also did field work in the intertidal rock fields of Culebra, also on Naos Island, and on the coral reefs at the Galeta Marine Laboratory, which is situated at the Caribbean end of the Canal.
Galata Reef Flat with ships entering the Panama Canal.

Echinometra. viridis
We compared the impact of elevated temperatures on the ability to function of three closely related species of sea urchins:

                Echinometra viridis, which are typically found on the reef fronts of Caribbean coral reefs, in an environment that is very constant, but which is slowly warming as global temperatures rise.

                Echinometra lucunter, which are denizens of Caribbean reef flats, which live close to shore where temperatures can rise when waters are trapped behind the reef crest when the daily tides are out.


                Echinometra vanbrunti, which live in crevices in the rocky intertidal zone on the Pacific coast, where they are immersed in the normally cooling waters of the Pacific, and then exposed to the tropical sun, during the large, twice-daily tides.

Because of the temperature oscillations associated with much larger tides, we hypothesized that the Pacific species would be the most thermally tolerant.  Because of the very stable environment found on the deeper coral reef fronts, we hypothesized that the deeper-water, Caribbean sea urchin species would be the least thermally tolerant…  Of course, the Norns laughed at our silly hypothesizing.  The intern who was working with me was quite concerned when we found the Pacific sea urchins to be the least tolerant of sustained high temperatures, and the sea urchins normally found in cooler, deeper, more constant Caribbean waters to be the most resilient.  I laughed and told my intern that this was why we did the experiments, and that, although scientists are happy when they are right, we get really, really excited when we are wrong.  We did some quick follow up work that suggests that our Pacific sea urchins can tolerate very high temperatures, for very short periods of time.  This is great for persisting through tidal cycles, but isn't going to help much in the face of ever-warming seawater temperatures.  And, some quick observations in the Caribbean suggest that our normally deep water sea urchins are moving up from the reef front into the warmer shallows where they will be in direct competition with the only moderately thermally tolerant sea urchins which normally dominate the reef flat.  I suggested to my hosts that I should grab some students and come back to follow up on these surprising observations.  They whole-heartedly agreed and extended an open invitation...

Working at the Smithsonian was a wonderful experience in international science.  My host was Greek.  My roommate was Columbian.  My intern was Spanish…  And, because they don't use street addresses in Panama, every taxi ride stretched my Spanish, my drawing, and my pantomime skills to the limit…  Way, way too much fun…

Monday, June 13, 2016

Jean-Nicole Place earns first prize at national competition

Jean-Nicole Place, a BS biology major and chemistry minor, recently attended the National Biennial Convention of Beta Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society at Bethel University in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She was awarded first prize (the John C. Johnson Award) for her poster entitled “Methylation of GNG7 in Human Breast Cancer” in the cell, organismal and developmental biology category. Dr. William Schwindinger is her research mentor. Jean is a past URSCA recipient and secretary of our local Beta Beta Beta chapter. She is an office and lab worker in the Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences. Jean-Nicole qualified to attend the national convention after receiving first prize at the Northeast District   Convention in March at Ursinus College. She has also presented her work at the College of Science and Technology Research Day. Congratulations, Jean!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Dr. Frederick Maue 1976 Scholarship

Lauren Chamberlin

The Frederick R. Maue 1976 Scholarship was established by Dr. Maue, an alumnus and local physician, to assist B.S. Biology majors in the pre-medical sciences option Lauren Chamberlin has been named the first recipient.  Lauren is a B.S. Biology major, pre-medical sciences major and chemistry minor. Lauren has previously earned a bachelor's degree in psychology with a concentration in family, youth and children from Bloomsburg University. Lauren is a member of the pre-medical sciences club and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. She is the incoming president 
of Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society. Lauren has experience in counseling and working with psychiatric patients. She has conducted research  in the field of synaptic transmission in the laboratory of Dr. William Coleman.

Biology and Allied Health Scholarship Winners

Nathan Feiertag
Jade Hensinger

Nathan Feiertag of Emmaus, PA and Jade Hensinger of Kempton, PA were named recipients of the Biological and Allied Health Science Scholarships. Nathan is a biology major, pre-medical sciences option, and member of BU's men's basketball team. He is a member of the pre-medical sciences club and participated in the Health Science Living and Learning Community. He has volunteered for the Big Event and the United Way. Nathan has coached and been a guest speaker at youth basketball camps and clinics.  Jade is a Health Sciences major, pre-physician option.  Jade is the match secretary of the women's rugby team. She is a member of Developing Ambitious Student Leaders, Students Saving Sheltered Animals, the BAHS Club and participated in the Health Science Living and Learning Community.

James E. Parsons Scholarship

Torrey Brubaker
Torrey Brubaker, a medical laboratory science major from Richfield, PA, has been awarded the James E. Parsons Scholarship. The scholarship was established by Dr. Parsons, retired professor of microbiology, faculty emeritus, and former director of the medical laboratory science program at BU. Torrey is an active member of the BU community, serving on the executive board of Colleges Against Cancer, volunteering with the Big Event and the College of Science and Technology Career Day, and earning certification levels 1 and 2 by the Center for Leadership and Engagement.  Torrey is a member of Students Saving Sheltered Animals, the Health Sciences Living and Learning Community, and the BAHS Club. She is a student worker at Kehr Union. Torrey is conducting cancer research in the lab of Dr. Angela Hess. 

Emma Hecker awarded James E. Cole Scholarship

Emma Hecker
Emma Hecker, a medical imaging major from Fairview, PA has been awarded the James E. Cole Scholarship. The award was established by Dr. Cole, professor emeritus, former chairperson of the Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences, and honorary alumnus. Dr. Cole was instrumental in establishing allied health programs in the department. This year's recipient, Emma Hecker, is a member of the Health Sciences Living and Learning Community, She has participated in Colleges Against Cancer and has conducted community service activities as an active member of Developing Ambitious Student Leaders, earning Leadership 1 Certification.

Dr. Stephen Schell Award Recipients Announced

Three BAHS students, Lauren Chamberlin, Kurt Knepley, and Jonathan Perez, have been named recipients of the Dr. Stephen E. Schell Award. This award was generously established by Dr. Stephen E. Schell, MD (BS Biology, 1975), a board certified otolaryngologist and graduate of Temple University School of Medicine. Funding provided by the award assists pre-medical science students in preparing for osteopathic or allopathic medical school by helping to defray the cost of a preparatory course or materials for the Medical College Admission Test.
Lauren Chamberlin

Lauren is a B.S. Biology major, pre-medical sciences major and chemistry minor. Lauren has previously earned a bachelor's degree in psychology with a concentration in family, youth and children from Bloomsburg University.Lauren is a member of the pre-medical sciences club and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. She is the incoming president 
of Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society. Lauren has experience in counseling
 and working with psychiatric patients. She has conducted research
 in the field of synaptic transmission in the laboratory of Dr. 
William Coleman.

Kurt Knepley
Kurt is B.S. Biology major, molecular biology option. Kurt is an Emergency Medical Technician and a registered respiratory therapist. Kurt is a member of Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society and the Pre-medical Sciences Club. Kurt is vice-president of BU's Chess Club. He has received an Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Award to conduct neurophysiology research in Dr. Coleman's laboratory. 

Jonathan Perez
Jonathan, a B.S. Biology major, pre-medical sciences option, is an Emergency Medical Technician. He has volunteered with the Danville Ambulance as an EMT and at Wester Berks Fire Company. He is the secretary of the Pre-medical Sciences Club and is a Chess Club officer. Jonathan is a member of Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society, a tutor at University Tutorial Srvices and has conducted community service as a member of Developing Ambitious Student Leaders. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Science in the Community

Drs. Hess and Venditti check out the 6th grade
 Science and Technology Fair at Bloomsburg Middle School. 
BAHS faculty members Drs. Angela Hess, Jennifer Venditti and Cynthia Surmacz headed to the Bloomsburg Middle School on May 12 to serve as judges at the annual 6th grade Science and Technology Fair. Students had the opportunity to share the results of their independent investigations on topics that ranged from tornado behavior and automobile design to plant growth and . robotics.This was a great opportunity for the 6th graders to discover science. The Science Fair is organized by Ms. Carrie Hoover, 6th grade science teacher and BAHS alumna. 

BAHS Students Named to the Dean's List for Spring 2016

Congratulations to the following BAHS majors who earned a 3.5 GPA or above and were named to the Dean's List for spring 2016.  Congratulations!

Ramona Adrien

Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Alina Allgyer Biology BA
Nicholas Angeny Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Elijah Anseaume Biology BS
Darianny Antonio Medical Imaging BS
Nicholas Apfelbaum Biology BS, environmental biology
Brandon Arnsberger Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Emily Ashberry Biology BS
Brandon Ball Biology BS, environmental biology
Emily Barrett Medical Imaging BS
Lauren Barrett Biology BS, environmental biology
Carrie-Anne Barry Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Sarah Bartra Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Christopher Bastardi Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Hanan Ben Nacef Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Jerome Betz Biology BS, molecular biology
Allison Bleistein Biology BS, environmental biology
Amber Bogdanowicz Biology BS, molecular biology
Gabriella Bonchack Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Michelle Bressi Medical Imaging BS
Mikala Britt Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Laura Campbell Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Victoria Campbell Biology BS, molecular biology
Sydney Casey Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Kahli Castagnera Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Leah Chan Medical Imaging BS
Allison Charles Medical Imaging BS
Iane Charles Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Morgan Cillo Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Elizabeth Cole Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Tonya Copello Medical Imaging BS
Andrew Cross Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Valerie Davi Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Alexis DeGrandis Health Sciences BS
Jonathan Del Colliano Health Sciences BS
Danielle Delgiorno Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Bethany Deppen Medical Imaging BS
Alexandria Dougherty Medical Imaging BS
Sharnise Dozier Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Hannah Edgar Medical Imaging BS
Stephanie Evans Biology BS, environmental biology
Elliott Fackler Biology BS, environmental biology
Ryan Faust Medical Imaging BS
Nathan Feiertag Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Alondra Fernandez Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
George Figueroa Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Gina Fiore Medical Imaging BS
Eric Fitzgerald Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Kyle Flannery Health Sciences BS
Courtney Fritz Health Sciences BS
Grace Fronheiser Biology BA
Edgar Garcia Health Sciences BS
Lindsay Gehman Medical Imaging BS
Aaron Gordon-Weaver Biology BS, environmental biology
Tori Goshow Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Emma Hecker Medical Imaging BS
Jade Hensinger Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Juliana Hernandez Biology BA
Jacqlene Hoffman Biology BS, environmental biology
Jade Hoffman Medical Imaging BS
Justin Howal Medical Imaging BS
Morgan Ilgenfritz Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Niles Kauffman Medical Imaging BS
Elizabeth Kester Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Eleanor Kirby Medical Imaging BS
Chad Klinedinst Biology BS, environmental biology
Kurt Knepley Biology BS, molecular biology
Troy Koch Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Courtney Kovilaritch Medical Imaging BS
Jerimiah Kozacheck Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Haley Kravitz Health Sciences BS
Kaylei Lapchak Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Kayla Lavella Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Zackary Lehman Medical Imaging BS
Brett Luhrman Medical Imaging BS
William Madden Health Sciences BS
Alison Martin Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Marjorie Martin Medical Imaging BS
Patrick Martin Biology BS
Katherine Mather-Shingara Biology BS, environmental biology
Natalie Mayo Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Allison McCracken Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Lily Mehalick Medical Imaging BS
Lexie Mendall Biology BS, environmental biology
Shaidy Moronta Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Hosanna Mullen Biology BS, molecular biology
Madison Mullen Biology BA, natural history
Tiffany Mulligan Medical Imaging BS
Emily Noll Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Benjamin Paul Biology BS, environmental biology
David Perez Biology BA
Jonathan Perez Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Jean-Nicole Place Biology BS, molecular biology
Jacob Plachko Medical Imaging BS
Dominick Policare Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Ethan Powell Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Madison Quinn Medical Imaging BS
Amy Rader Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Victoria Reggie Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Blake Remensnyder Health Sciences BS
Ryan Rhoades Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Emily Rine Health Sciences BS
Jennifer Ringsdorf Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Marcus Roberts Biology BA, natural history
Samantha Romania Medical Imaging BS
Jamie Rosencranse Medical Imaging BS
Michaela Roth Biology BS
Kylie Ruhl Medical Imaging BS
Cody Seachrist Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Kayla Sensenig Medical Imaging BS
Terri Shoop Medical Imaging BS
Bailey Smith Medical Imaging BS
Kayla Smith Medical Imaging BS
Monique Snow Medical Imaging BS
Megan Sorber Medical Imaging BS
Brina Jo Sotelo Medical Imaging BS
Renee Spancake Biology BS, environmental biology
Derek Stahl Medical Imaging BS
Morgan Stauffer Medical Imaging BS
Daniel Steinhauser Biology BS, environmental biology
Keara Suprock Medical Imaging BS
Devan Sweeney Medical Imaging BS
Matthew Swift Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Beau Tamanini Health Sciences BS
Autumn Temple Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Mallory Tomaschik Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Taylor Trautwein Health Sciences BS
Jennifer Tuomisto Biology BS, environmental biology
Brittany Underkoffler Health Sciences BS, medical lab science
Amber Wagner Biology BS
Alexander Wehr Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Rachael Wood Medical Imaging BS
Adrienne Yordy Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Olivia Zeitler Medical Imaging BS
Brandon Zimmerman Biology BS
Taylor Zucco Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy

Spring 2016 Commencement: Celebrating BAHS graduates!

Congratulations to the our BAHS spring and summer 2016 graduates! Congratulations and stay in touch!
Check out scenes from our post-graduation reception in Hartline Lobby, sponsored by the Biology and Allied Health Club and Tri-Beta:

BA Biology
Meagan Beekler
Evan Marynka
Michael Russell
Michael Stianche

BS Biology
Carrie-Anne Barry
Avery Bingaman
Victoria Campbell
Stephanie Evans
Michael Hardler
Kaitlyn Hitchiner
Jordan Kropf
Tyler Kuchar
Lexie Mendall
Michael Moniger
Michael Noll
Jean-Nicole Place
Matthew Swift
Justin VanDerMolen

BS Health Sciences
Nicholas Angeny
Ashley Barba
Christopher Bastardi
Rebecca Bodwalk
Mikal Britt
Kahli Castagnera
Corey Conville
Arjun Dalsania
Sean DeBarberie
James DeGori
Alexis DeGrandis
Kelly Deiter
Sharnise Dozier
Leslie Flippen
Dana Frobese
Katelyn Garbrick
Carli Gillotti
Alexander Gosch
Lindsay Johnson
Ryan Karpinski
Robert Lewis III
Thomas Marshall
Natalie Mayo
Kyle Mogensen
Dominick Policare III
Jhumur Ray
Ryan Rhoades
Marisa Schonhaut
Hayley Sparks
Taylor Trautwein
Christian Whiteside
Adton Wittmeier
Jennifer Young

BS Medical Imaging
Kiana Bellesfield
Angela Bigatel
Sara Burnish
Alyssa Butkiewicz
Christopher Clemen
Elissa Darkes
Angie Diaz
Troy Dorman
Nicole Downing
Kristin Ezzyk
Shakira Gaines-Rorie
Aubrey Gamble
McKensie Haines
Erica Hendrickson
Megin Houser
Amanda Layton
Brittany Lewis
Krista Lipps
Meghan Matthews
Rikki McElvaney
Courtney McNaughton
Rebecca Merkel
Lauren Miller
Jessica Moore
Alexa O'Herrick
Zacgary Penrak
Kara Renninger
Jessica Shaffer
Corey Sinkler
Emily Sylvester
Kendall Thoensen
Tessa Trout
Justin Winn
Kelly Wrzesinski

Keena Zalar

The following honor graduates were recognized at commencement:
Summa Cum Laude: Carrie-Anne Barry, McKensie Haines, Justin VanDerMolen

Magna Cum Laude: Mikala Britt, Kahli Castagnera, Angie Diaz, Jessica Shaffer

Cum Laude: Sean DeBarberie, Kristin Ezzyk, Rebecca Merkel, Natalie Mayo, Lauren Miller, Dominick Policare III, Matthew Swift, Taylor Trautwein.