Sunday, January 25, 2015

Summer research opportunity at BU: Check out URSCA

All about URSCA....

What is it? URSCA stands for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Award. This is a summer program that supports undergraduates engaged in research, scholarly, and creative activities while being mentored by faculty members.

Why participate? URSCA is a great opportunity to engage in original research, to extend your classroom learning, to work closely with a faculty member, and to gain experiences to be competitive for jobs and professional or graduate school.

 How much is the award? Awards are for either half-time ($250/wk) or full-time ($500/wk) support for the number of weeks needed to complete a proposed summer experience. Minimum awards are full-time for three weeks ($1,500) and maximum awards are full-time for 12 weeks ($6,000). 

How do I apply? Students prepare a proposal for a research, scholarly, or creative activity (URSCA) with a faculty mentor, submit the proposal by the deadline, and then are selected by a committee of faculty representing all disciplines.
What are the requirements of participating in the URSCA program?  If selected, students will be required to complete forms to be hired in the summer 2014, attend a mandatory meeting on April 18th, participate in a pre-summer session URSCA workshop, complete their project in the summer 2014, and present at the Susquehanna Valley Undergraduate Research Symposium on the last Tuesday of the summer session. In addition, participants will be required to attend mandatory workshops and meetings throughout the summer. A final report will be prepared during the last week of summer session

When I can learn more about the program, get help finding a mentor, or get assistance in preparing a proposal? Attend one of the Q & A workshops:
          January 29th at 3:30-4:30 pm in 163 Centennial Hall.
          January 30th at 3:00-4:00 pm in 163 Centennial Hall.
What types of projects have previous BAHS students conducted in the URSCA program?   

           During the summer of 2014, the following BAHS students and faculty mentors participated in the URSCA program: 

        o    Caitlin Carlin, mentored by Kristen Brubaker, Analysis of the effects of heat stress on transcription factors Hsf1, Nrf2, and FOXO found in the bee species Megachile rotundata
        o    Martina Drew, mentored by Clay Corbin & Amber Pitt, Factors influencing bird-window collisions during      summer and migration on Bloomsburg University campus
        o    Ali Hussain, mentored by William Schwindinger, "Methylation of GNG7 promoter in normal mouse tissue"
        o    Kirk Jeffreys, mentored by William Coleman, "Investigation of synapsin II and Munc 13 co-localization at the  earthworm neuromuscular junction"
        o    David Strawn, mentored by William Coleman, "Investigation of the role of inhibitory neurotransmission on      readily releasable vesicle pool size"
                   When is the deadline to submit URSCA applications? All materials must be submitted via the Competition Space website  by February 16, 2015. 

Ali Hussain explains his URSCA research project at the College of Science and Technology Research Day
Martin Drew with her URSCA mentor Dr. Amber Pitt.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pre-Medical Science Club Helps Monica Primary School in Tanzania

The Pre-medical Sciences Club’s volleyball tournament in December at BU’s Rec Center was a huge success. Members of the winning team were Jordan Hoover, Joshua Hartman, Kyle Pepper, Lauren Wise, Britney Garritano, Cole Wilkinson, and Keith Reider.    As shown in the photos, a good time was had by all participants. The club raised over $500. All funds were donated to the Monica Primary School in the Kihonda providence of Tanzania. About $50.00 US dollars can cover tuition and supplies for a year for a child attending the school. This donation will not only have a great impact on the children, but will also benefit their families and village. Thanks to all who played volleyball, donated funds, and helped make this service project successful.

Tri-Beta Research Foundation Grant Received

Beta Beta Beta grant recipient Adam Kulp (with the Bloomsburg Huskies sweatshirt!) flanked by research mentors  Dr. Jennifer Venditti and Dr. William Coleman
Adam Kulp, a B.S. Biology major, received a grant from Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society Research Foundation. Adam's project is entitled "Investigation of synapsin I distribution in capacitated and acrosome-induced sperm cells."  Drs. Jennifer Venditti and William Coleman are Adam's research mentors. This collaborative research effort uses immunocytochemical techniques to localize synapsin I in sperm, a protein classically thought to be only present in nerve cells. Adam has previously conducted research on synapsin in sperm cells during his participation in the Undergraduate Research Scholarship and Creative Activities (URSCA) program during the summer of 2013. This work was presented in spring 2014 at the annual meeting of the American Society of Andrology in Atlanta, GA. Adam is a Community Assistant and has served as a project manager on a number of residence life events. He is also been actively engaged in community service activities as an active member of Developing  Ambitious Student Leaders. Adam is the current president of  the BU campus chapter of Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society and has been named to Who's Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities. He is a past recipient of the Biology and Allied Health Sciences Scholarship. Adam plans to attend graduate school to pursue his interests in neuroscience.

Pre-Med Students take on Jan Plan

Geisinger Medical Center’s Jan Plan brings students into the hospital for an intensive 9-day experience that provides a  first hand look at the medical profession. Jan Plan students have the opportunity to interact with medical students, residents, and physicians during rounds, case study discussions, and observations. Among the medical specialties the students observed were Pathology, Emergency Medicine, Ophthalmology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Cardiology (Echo and Electrophysiology), Neonatal Intensive Care, Dermatology, Anesthesiology, Radiology, General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Radiology. Participating in Jan Plan this year were BAHS majors Shaidy Moronta, Justin VanDerMolen, and Jenny Young


Shaidy, Justin, and Jenny reflect on their Jan Plan experiences:
"Jan Plan was a very fulfilling experience for me.  During the course of this week I saw just how integrated the hospital system really was, how each department worked together to succeed at a common goal - healing the patient. It was quite endearing seeing how passionate every member of the hospital staff was about treating the people who put their complete trust in their hands. I was also taken aback by how easily each of the medical students, residents, and attending physicians took us under their wing despite their busy schedules and made sure that we got the most out of the experience. They tried to explain in depth every situation that was occurring at a level that we would comprehend." -Shaidy 
 "Jan Plan to me was a phenomenal experience and a rare opportunity to spend quality time and be side by side with attending physicians, resident physicians, and medical school students to see what they truly see. I think this experience is something every pre-med student should partake in because it really allows potential doctors to see what their jobs would be like and the positives and negatives involved in the process." -Justin
"Jan Plan was an invaluable experience that gave us the opportunity to really see the role physicians play in the healthcare system. From watching surgeries to seeing patient interactions, Jan Plan exposed us to many different aspects of life as a doctor. Through this experience I was able to develop a stronger desire to pursue a career as a physician."  ​-Jenny 

All agree that Jan Plan provided an excellent opportunity to learn first hand about the medical profession.
Jan Plan participants Jenny Young and Shaidy Moronta
Jan Plan participant Justin VanDerMolen