Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tri-Beta Welcomes New Members

The Bloomsburg University chapter of Beta Beta Beta, the biology honor society, welcomed new members at its initiation ceremony in Hartline Science Center on November 6, 2017. Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) is a society for students dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. Since its founding in 1922, more than 175,000 persons have been accepted into lifetime membership, and more than 430 chapters have been established throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. The mission of Tri-Beta is:  1) to stimulate scholarship; 2) to disseminate scientific knowledge; and 3) to promote biological research (

The ceremony was conducted by Tri-Beta officers President Lauren Chamberlin, Vice-President Emily Broadbent, Treasurer Aubrey Cole, and Historian, Gabrielle Bonchack. During the ceremony, initiates learned about the history, symbols and mission of Tri-Beta and took a pledge to promote its spirit, objectives, and honor. Congratulating the graduates were Dean Robert Aronstam, Assistant Dean Jennifer Venditti, and Chairperson Dr, George Chamuris. Dr. Angela Hess engaged the assembly of initiates and their families, BAHS faculty, and guests with a presentation on "The sun and your skin – a healthy relationship." Her talk included a quiz on skin cancer and was followed by a lively Q and A. 

Current student members of Tri Beta are: Tala Abdulal, Jacqlene Hoffman, Beverly Andre, Kelly Barko, Paige Betts, Allison Bleistein, Gabrielle Bonchack, Hanan Ben Nacef, Emily Broadbent, Lauren Chamberlin, Aubrey Cole, Jaclyn Cortellessa, Elliott Fackler, Olivia Falko, Allison Bleistein, Kirt Knepley, Haley Kravitz, Nathaniel Kresge, Kayla Lavella, Kendall Leet, William Madden, Shaidy MOronta, Jonathan Perez, Ethan Powell, Trina Reese, Alexandra Schlack, Ashley Schucker, Sean Hartzell, John Poling, Andrew King, and Kurt Jeffries. Faculty members of Tri-Beta are: Drs Ardizzi, Chamuris, Coleman, Henry, Hess, Hranitz, Kipe-Nolt, Nolt, Schwindinger, Surmacz, Venditti, and Wood.

New Initiates 2016
Regular Members
Alina Allgyer
Brandon Arnsberger
Emily Ashberry
Jerome E. Betz III
Maggie Bryner
Jamie Davis
Daniel Deignan
Andrew Denisenko
Eric Elliott
Nathan Feiertag
Grace Fronheiser
Kyle Gainard
Rebecca Goldstein
Katie Greene
Jared Harris

Jade Hensinger
Juliana Hernandez
Troy Koch
Erika Lebron
Malyn Maloney
Rachel McDonald
John McDonnell
MacKenzie McDowell
Andre Minenko
Megan Muthard
David Perez
Jessica Peters
Erin Smith
Mallory Tomaschik
Christopher Vila
Adrienne Yordy
Cassandra Zaiac

Associate Members 
Sarah Bartra
Torrey Brubaker
Samantha D’Antonio
Abigail Jones
Kaytlyn Suranofsky