Monday, June 19, 2017

The Great STEM Adventure Camp

Bloomsburg University 
hosted the Great STEM Adventure Camp in June for 550 area students in grades 5 to 8.  Students had the opportunity to explore topics in science, technology, engineering and matematics through hands-on, inquiry-based activities. A good time was had by all!  Campers visited BAHS for investigations of neurobiology, sensory biology, and human anatomy and physiology. Leading the enthusiastic scientists were Dr. Surmacz, Mrs. Diltz, BAHS laboratory coordinator, and Alex Hoke, graduate assistant.

Congratulations to BAHS graduates!

Th rainy weather did not dampen the spirits of our fantastic group of Spring 2017 BAHS graduates! Following the commencement ceremony, our graduates and their families were treated to a reception in their honor with BAHS faculty and students. The Biology and Allied Health Club and Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society hosted the event in Hartline Lobby.  Below is a list our spring 2017 graduates. Check out the photos of the celebration below the list. Congratulations to our newest alumni. Stay in touch!

B.S. Health Sciences                                B.A. Biology
Tala Abdulal                                              BrieAnna Stauffer
Sarah Bartra
Hanan Ben Nacef
Paige Betts                                               B.S. Biology
Emily Broadbent                                       Beverly Andre
Maggie Bryner                                          Michael Baade
Courtney Burke                                         Allison Bleistein
Olivia Burley                                              Ryann Carroll
Laura Cochran                                           Lauren Chamberlin
Aubrey Cole                                              Jaclyn Cortelessa
Molly Crawford                                          Rebecca Davison
Samantha D/Antonio                                   Andrew Denisenko
Joseph Domanski                                        Elliott Fackler
Meaghan Eckel                                            Olivia Falko
Katelyn Faughnan                                        Alyssa Feliciano
Ashley Ferstermann                                      Fioni Fludd
Edgar Garcia                                                Jaqlene Hoffman
Alexandra Harty                                            Abigail Jones
Dylan Houser                                               Kurt Knepley
Taban Jaaf                                                    William Madden
Troy Koch                                                    Andrey Mienko
Haley Kravitz                                                Ali-reza Mobaraki
Kayla Lavella                                                Shaidy Moronta
Erika Lebron                                                 Jonathan Perez
Kendall Leet                                                  Ethan Powell
John McDonnell.Jr.                                        Ashley Schucker
Constance Medura                                          Alex Trezza
 Megan Muthard
Teresa Ortiz
Jessica Peters
Alexandra Schlack                                          
Andrew Shamburg                                          
Michele Stranix                                            
Kaytlyn Suranofsky                                      
Mallory Tomaschik                                        
Brittany Underkoffler                                    
David Vasquez                                              
Cassanddra Zaiac                                          
Medical Imaging                                              
                                                                         Madeline Moser
Carl Bashore                                                    Olivia Mulvaney
Hannal Cherry                                                   Elle Murdock
Emma Chesko                                                   Eduardo Oscorio
Bethany Deppen                                                Jacob Plachko
Matthew Derkits                                                 Heather Raymon
Aissatou Diop                                                    Victoria Reinert
Michelle Fartel                                                    Jennifer Reynolds
Robert Gilday                                                     Stephanie Serafin
Emily Heintzelman                                              Sabrina Scholtes
Sierra Isaac                                                         Angelina Shuber
James Kelly                                                         Megan Smith
Joel Kulick                                                           Amanda Swinehart
Elena Lajuett                                                        Trac Tran
Jessica Lavalva                                                    Derek Tripp
Marissa Lenkevich                                                Brooke Waidelich                                         Oswald Mancini                                                   Dagmara Wnuk
Steffani Moti

Saturday, June 17, 2017

CoST Research Day

The College of Science and Technology hosted Research Day on April 7, 2017 in McCormick Human Services Center. This event celebrates a year of achievement  in the research laboratory and an opportunity for students to present their results for discussion and feedback. Following opening remarks by Dean Aronstam, Dr. Jennifer Whisner, Department of Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences, presented the keynote address on Undergraduate Research-the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. BAHS students were well-represented at Research Day with 27 student presentations! Student poster presentations were evaluated by a team of judges, including BAHS faculty emerita Dr. Margaret Till. The following BAHS students received rewards for their poster presentation: first prize, Lauren Chamberlin, third prize: Kurt Jeffreys, and honorable mentions Haley Kravitz and Madison Aungst. Thank you to Dr. Coleman for serving on the CoST Research Day Committee. 

 The following students in Dr Klinger's Biology Seminar class presented posters on historical figures in American biology;
Nicholas Apfelbaum: Charles Otis Whitman 
Aubrey Cole: The life and impact of John Michael Bishop 
Samantha D'Antonio: The father of Angiogenesis. 
Joseph Domanski. An investigation into Stanley Prusiner's Life
Tim Fedor: Paul R. Ehrlich 
Fioni Fludd: Barbara McClintock and the Jumping Genes
Troy Koch: A;exander Agassiz: A master of engineering, zoology, oceanography, and embryology 
Kayla Lavella: Historical figures in American Biology: Donald Johanson, Disocoverer of Austrlopitheus afarensis. (mentor: Dr. Klinger)
Ali-reza Mobaraki: Linus Pauling (mentor: Dr. Klinger)
Mallory Tomaschik: The lie and impact of Kary Mullis (mentor Dr. Klinger)
Alex Trezza:: Haldan Keffer Hartline (mentor Dr. Klinger

The following undergraduates presented research posters:
Madison Aungst: The effects of deltamethrin on sublethal stress in honey bees (mentors: Drs. Surmacz and Hranitz)
Jerome Betz III: Construction and evaluation of mutagenized avenic acid/iron phytosiderophore transporter gene AvsYSi Sal (mentor: Dr. Davis)
Lauren Chamberlin: Investigating the presence of synapsin in Human sperm (mentors, Drs. Coleman and Venditti)
Andrew Denisenko: The search of salivary biomarkers for mild traumatic brain inquiry (mentor: Dr. Bell, Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Elliott Fackler: Investigating the biological function of wood turtles (Glytemys inscuplpta) on the Pine Creek Rails -to Trails. (mentor: Dr. Franel, EGGS)
Olivia Falko: Expression of G protein gamma subunits in CHO cells (mentor: Dr. Schwindinger)
Kyle Gainard: Effects of thiamethoxam on cellular stress in honey bees (mentors: Drs. Surmacz and Hranitz).
Haley Kravitz: Targeting Gng5 and Gng1 expression and calcium signaling in Chinese Hamster Ovary cells (mentor: Dr. Schwindinger)
Joshua Petersheim: Heat Shock protein 70 levels in Hone bees exposed to Thiacloprid, a neonicotinoid pesticide (mentor: Drs. Surmacz and Hranitz)
Dan Steinhauser and Ryan Sullivan: Trace Metals in coal contaminated alluvial soils (mentor: Dr. Ricker, EGGS)
BrieAnna Stauffer: Using landmark morpometric  to test sexual dimorphism in the trilobite genus Walliserops from the Devonian Morocco (mentor: Dr. Gishlick. EGGS)

The following graduate students presented posters:
Sean Hartzell: Treasures in the cabinet: A case study in the value of a small institutional natural history collection, and call for collaboration. (Mentors: Drs.Corbin, Hranitz, and Klinger)
Kirk Jeffreys: Investigation of inhibitory signaling on synaptic vesicle cycling in the earthworm neuromuscular synapse (mentor: Dr. Coleman)

Oral thesis proposal presentations were delivered by the following master's students:
Corey Conville: Copmarison of Macroinvertebrate bioindicators to ecosystem function across a gradient of agriculture imparitment (Drs. Corbin, Hranitz and Rier)
Alex Hoke: Effects of termperature and sex on newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) Escape behavior (Drs. Corbin, Hranitz and Rier)
Brad Ohlinger: Innate flower color choice and color constancy behavior in solitary and social bees (Dr. hranitz, Klinger and Davis)
John Poling: Effects of arsenic and thimerosal on the learning and memory of zebrafish. (Dr. Klingerman)

Scenes from Research Day......

Congratulations to BAHS students who made Dean's List!

Congratulations to the following BAHS students who were named to the Dean's List for Spring Semester 2017 for earning a GPA of 3.5 or above:

Jonathan Adamchick Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistnat
Ramona Adrien Health Sciences, Pre-physical therapy
Jennifer Albanese Medical Imaging
Austin Albright Health Sciences
Haeden Allbeck Health Sciences, Clinical Lab Science
Gillian Anderson Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Elijah Anseaume Biology
Emily Ashberry Biology
Amanda Aulenbach Biology
Madison Aungst Biology, Pre-medical Sciences
Brandon Ball Biology, Environmental Biology
Caitlin Barr Health Sciences
Lauren Barrett Biology, Environmental Biology
Sean Beattie Medical Imaging
Hanan Ben Nacef Health Sciences, pre-physical therapy
MacKenzie Bernstiel Medical Imaging
Jerome Betz III Biology, Molecular Bioblogy
Tanner Bingaman Biology
Catherine Bobenich Health Sciences
Emily Broadbent Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Andrew Brodt Medical Imaging
Alyssa Brown Biology
Torrey Brubaker Health Sciences, Clinical Lab Science
Maggie Bryner Health Sciences, Pre-physician Assitant
Lauren Bunnell Health Sciences
Emily Bybel Medical Imaging
Sarah Cantymagli Biology, Natural History
Leah Chan Medical Imaging
Allison Charles Medical Imaging
Morgan Cillo Biology, Pre-medical sciences
Stefanie Cimino Health Sciences, Clinical Lab Science
Tai Clark Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Brooke Coldren Medical Imaging
Aubrey Cole Health Sciences, Pre-physician Assistant
Elizabeth Cole Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Andrew Cross Biology, Pre-medical Sciences
Adam Crouse Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Abigail Culver Biology
Nicole D'arcy Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Dylan Daubert Biology, Pre-medical Sciences
Valerie Davi Health Sciences, Pre-physical therapy
Alexander Demergis Health Sciences, Clinical Lab Science
Elizabeth Drumm Medical Imaging
Timothy Duceman Health Sciences, Clinical Lab Science
Elliott Fackler Biology, Environmental Biology
Nathan Feiertag Biology. Pre-medical Sciences
Aleigha Fuhrman Medical Imaging
Dhir Gala Biology, Pre-medical Sciences
Lindsay Gehman Health Sciences
Lindsay Gehman Medical Imaging
Natcheli Gomes Health Sciences, Pre-accelerated nursing
Aaron Gordon-Weaver Biology, Environmental Biology
Taylor Gorman Medical Imaging
Kaitlyn Gresko Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Joseph Gundel Health Sciences, Pre-physical therapy
Emily Hackenberg Medical Imaging
Chelsea Harlan Medical Imaging
Benita Harris Medical Imaging
Jordyn Heckard Medical Imaging
Emma Hecker Medical Imaging
Jade Hensinger Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Lizmeidy Hernandez Biology, Pre-medical sciences
Jacqlene Hoffman Biology, Environmental Biology
Jayme Hoover Medical Imaging
Morgan Ilgenfritz Health Sciences, pre-physical therapy
Amy Jackson Medical Imaging
Alexis Jasman Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Brittany Jenkins Pre-medical science certificate
Megan Jones Health Sciences
Brittany Joseph Biology
Niles Kauffman Medical Imaging
Tara Kennedy Medical Imaging
Elizabeth Kester Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Ian King Health Sciences, Pre-physical therapy
Chad Klinedinst Biology, Environmental Biology
Amanda Klinger Medical Imaging
Casey Klinger Biology, Environmental Biology
Kurt Knepley Biology, Molecular Bioblogy
Troy Koch Health Sciences, Pre-physical therapy
Courtney Kovilaritch Medical Imaging
Jerimiah Kozacheck Health Sciences
Haley Kravitz Health Sciences
Chelsea Krivda Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Alyssa Letterman Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Nina Litz Medical Imaging
Allison Lockard Medical Imaging
Brett Luhrman Medical Imaging
Madison Martin Medical Imaging
Marjorie Martin Medical Imaging
Katherine Mather-Shingara Biology, Envrionmental Biology
Kyle Mausteller Biology, Pre-medical Sciences
Allison McCracken Health Sciences, Pre-physical therapy
John McDonnell Biology
Lindy McKee Health Sciences, Clinical Lab Science
Keaghlan McNaughton Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Madison Miller Medical Imaging
Shaidy Moronta Biology, Pre-medical Sciences
Madison Mullen Biology
Caleb Neff Medical Imaging
Elizabeth Neifert Health Sciences, Pre-physical therapy
Emily Noll Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Megan Onavage Medical Imaging
Sarah Palumbo Health Sciences, pre-physician assistant
Benjamin Paul Biology, Environmental Biology
Jonathan Perez Biology, Pre-medical sciences
Mia Perrino Medical Imaging
Jessica Peters Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Colby Probst Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistatn
Madison Quinn Medical Imaging
Victoria Reggie Biology, Pre-medical sciences
Blake Remensnyder Health Sciences
Emily Reynolds Medical Imaging
Nathan Reynolds Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Emily Rine Health Sciences
Jennifer Ringsdorf Biology
Sarah Ritter Biology
Marcus Roberts Biology, Natural History
Michaela Roth Biology
Kylie Ruhl Medical Imaging
Rachael Ryver Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Justin Salak Biology, Pre-medical sciences
Danielle Savino Medical Imaging
Brittney Shaak Health Sciences
Kathryn Sherry Biology, Pre-medical sciences
Terri Shoop Biology, Pre-medical sciences
Alyssa Smith Biology
Caitlyn Smith Medical Imaging
Erin Smith Biology, Pre-medical sciences
Kayla Smith Medical Imaging
Kayla Sompel Biology, Pre-medical sciences
Megan Sorber Medical Imaging
Renee Spancake Biology, Environmental Biology
Derek Stahl Medical Imaging
Rebecca Stalvey Medical Imaging
Ryleigh Stokes Health Sciences
Charlene Strange Biology
Max Strickler Health Sciences, Pre-physical theapy
Rachael Strockbine Biology
Danae Sutliff Medical Imaging
Marissa Szczyglak Medical Imaging
Beau Tamanini Health Sciences
Mallory Tomaschik Health Sciences, Pre-physician assistant
Mikayla Ulicny Medical Imaging
Amber Wagner Biology
Michaela Wagner Biology, Pre-medical sciences
Kari Wells Health Sciences, Clinical Lab Science
Brianna Whalen Medical Imaging
Nicole Whitenight Medical Imaging
Morgan Wilson Biology
Madison Wisniewski Biology
Rachael Wood Medical Imaging
Jennifer Yarnall Medical Imaging
Gregory Yerk Medical Imaging
Adrienne Yordy Biology, Pre-medical sciences
Olivia Zeitler Medical Imaging
Taylor Zucco Health Sciences, Pre-physical therapy

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

BAHS hosts Girl Scout Badge College

The Biology and Allied Health Club and Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society teamed up to sponsor a Girl Scout Badge College for scouts in the region. The junior scouts earned their "Flowers" badges learning all about the structure, function, and uses of flowers. The cadettes focused on the "Special Agents" badge and examined fingerprints, blood spatters, and animal foot prints. The scouts isolated DNA from a banana and crafted DNA necklaces. Senior Scouts earned the "Science of Fashion Badge" gaining first hand experience in chromatography and fiber analysis. Participating were Jared Harris, Haley Kravitz, Lauren Chamberlin, Emily Broadbent, Andrew Denichenko, Adrienne Yordy, Jerome Betz III, and Elliott Fackler. The Biology Club is advised by Drs. Hess and Venditti and Tri-Beta is advised by Dr. Surmacz.  
Area scouts earn badges in Hartline.

Lauren, Emily, Haley, Jerome and Dr. Venditti help Girls Scouts earn
 badges during the Badge College.

Andrew helps junior scouts earn their Flowers badge.

Dr. Hess leads a session on the structure, function,
and uses of flowers.

Jerome works with a "sketch artist" during the Special
Agents Badge worlshop.

Elliott works with junior scouts
 at the Girl Scout Badge College.

Adrienne helps Girls Scouts make a corsage
while working on their flower badge.