Friday, October 21, 2016

Welcome back Alumni!

BAHS alumna Kristen Venditti, BS Biology 2015 (right), is greeted by Dean Robert Aronstam (middle) and Assistant Dean (and sister!) Dr. Jennifer Venditti (left) at the College of Science and Technology Tent during homecoming weekend festivities. A good time was had with plenty of food, a raffle, Roongo, and BAHS staff and faculty.

Tri-Beta Updates

Tri-Beta Biology Officers,Rho chi chapter,  2016-2017
Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) Biology Honor Society is a national organization for students dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. The mission of Tri-Beta is to stimulate scholarship, to disseminate scientific knowledge, and to promote biological research. The BAHS Rho Chi chapter of Tri-Beta was established in 1984.  Leading the chapter this year are officers (pictured at right) Vice President Emily Broadbent, Historian Gabriella Bonchack, Secretary Alexandra Schlack, Treasurer Aubrey Cole, and President Lauren Chamberlin. Current members are Tala Abdulal, Beverly Andre, Kelly Barko, Hanan Ben Nacef, Paige Betts, Allison Bleistein, Gabriella Bonchack, Emily Broadbent, Lauren Chamberlin, Aubrey Cole, Jaclyn Cortlessa, Elliott Fackler, Olivia Falko, Jacqlene Hoffman, Kurt Knepley, Haley Kravitz, Nathaniel Kresge, Kayla Lavella, Kendall Leet, William Madden, Shaidy Moronta, Jonathan Perez, Ehtan Powell, Trina Reese, Alexandra Schlack and Ashley Schucker. Advising the group is Dr. Surmacz. The group this year has provided tutoring at ABLE each Wednesday from 5 to 6 pm for students in introductory biology courses and held a Biology Trivia Contest for students and faculty.  An induction ceremony is planned for the near future to welcome 38 students into membership. Also on this semester's agenda are hosting Mock Interviews, conducting a fundraiser,guest speakers, and providing coffee and donuts during finals week to students, faculty, and staff. Please see any officer for more information about Tri-Beta.

Beverly Andre receives CUR travel grant

Beverly Andre, a senior pre-med major, receives travel
grant from the Council for Undergraduate Research
Beverly Andre, a senior biology major, pre-medicine option, and chemistry minor, has received a travel grant from the Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR). CUR is a national organization whose mission is to enhance opportunities for students and faculties to engage in investigations that make an original intellectual contribution to their discipline. Over 900 colleges and universities, including Bloomsburg University, are members of CUR. The CUR travel grant will support Beverly's attendance at the annual conference of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology in New Orleans, LA in January 2017. Bloomsburg University's College of Science and Technology will provide a matching grant. Beverly will present a poster entitled: Sublethal Stress Associated with Apiary Treatments for Varroa Mites.  The presentation is co-authored with Beverly's mentors,  Drs Cindy Surmacz and John Hranitz. and with collaborators Drs. Ibrahim Cakmak and S.Cakmak from the Beekeeping and Development Center in Bursa,Turkey. Honeybees have experienced global declines, most pronounced in the USA and Europe, linked to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). While CCD may be caused by many factors, Varroa mites strongly influence hive health and persistence, directly as an ectoparasite and indirectly as a disease vector. Beekeepers control infestations with acaracides, pesticides applied to bee hives to kill mites.  Beverly's work examines the hypothesis that acaracides may cause sublethal stress in honeybees and uses the intracellular chaperone heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) as a biomarker for sublethal stress. in honeybees. This research has the potential to inform beekeepers on the pesticide types and dosages that will control mite infestation while minimizing stress to the honeybees.

BAHS at CoST Career Day

Mr. Ken Roszel, M.S., R.T. (R), program director,
School of Radiologic Technology at Geisinger Medical Center
discusses careers in Medical Imaging.
BAHS students turned out in great numbers for the biology and allied health panels at the College of Science and Technology Career Day that was held at Kehr union on October 14, 2016.  Students had the opportunity to ask questions of alumni panelists, to get advice on how to enter and succeed in various graduate and professional programs, and to learn about the daily activities and opportunities that can be found in various careers.  Panelists at the biology session were: Melissa Tomacavage, senior analyst in Genomics at GeneDx; Deidre Fahy Belolan, quality engineer at Amcor Rigid Plastics; Kerri Horwath, Vaccine Specialist at Vaxserve, Inc; Dr. Gene Kinney, Chief Operating Officer at Prothena Corporation; Amanda Naugle Robinson, medical laboratory scientist at Evangelical Community Hospital; and Jessical Willis, doctoral student in neurobiology at Lehigh University.  Allied health panelists were Amber Kolk, medical laboratory scientist at Geisinger Medical Center, Dr. Shannon Carper, physical therapist at Commonwealth Home Health & Hospice; Laura Laidacker Moore, physician assistant, Geisinger Medical Center, Kenneth Roszel, program director, School of Radiologic technology at Evangelical Community Hospital; and Kim Warren, microbiology assistant supervisor at Wilson Hospital. The biology and allied health sessions were moderated by Drs. William Schwindinger and Barry Nolt and organized by Dr. Kristen Brubaker. Thank you to all of our alumni panelists--it was great to see you all. We are proud of all of your successes. Stay in touch!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Celebrating Academic Achievement

Celebrating Dean's Candy Bar Day in Hartline Lobby
Dean's List Candy Bar Day celebrates students in the College of Science and Technology who were named to the Dean's List during Spring Semester 2016. To be eligible, students must earn a GPA of 3.5 or above. Receiving her candy bar is Madison Quinn, BAHS Medical Imaging major. Shown with Madison are from left, student worker Meaghan Eckel, Dr Robert Aronstam, Dean of the College of Science and Technology, Madison Quinn and Shannon Yarnell, CoST secretary. Congratulations to Madison and to all our candy bar recipients!.

BAHS Students on the Dean's List, Spring 2016 
Ramona Adrien, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Alina Allgyer, Biology BA
Nicholas Angeny. Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Elijah Anseaume, Biology BS
Darianny Antonio, Medical Imaging BS
Nicholas Apfelbaum, Biology BS, environmental biology
Brandon Arnsberger, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Emily Ashberry, Biology BS
Brandon Ball, Biology BS, environmental biology
Emily Barrett, Medical Imaging BS
Lauren Barrett, Biology BS, environmental biology
Carrie-Anne Barry, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Sarah Bartra, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Christopher Bastardi, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Hanan Ben Nacef, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Jerome Betz, Biology BS, molecular biology
Allison Bleistein, Biology BS, environmental biology
Amber Bogdanowicz, Biology BS, molecular biology
Gabriella Bonchack, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Michelle Bressi, Medical Imaging BS
Mikala Britt, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Laura Campbell, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Victoria Campbell, Biology BS, molecular biology
Sydney Casey, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Kahli Castagnera, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Leah Chan, Medical Imaging BS
Allison Charles, Medical Imaging BS
Iane Charles, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Morgan Cillo, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Elizabeth Cole, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Tonya Copello,, Medical Imaging BS
Andrew Cross, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Valerie Davi, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Alexis DeGrandis, Health Sciences BS
Jonathan Del Colliano, Health Sciences BS
Danielle Delgiorno, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Bethany Deppen, Medical Imaging BS
Alexandria Dougherty, Medical Imaging BS
Sharnise Dozier, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Hannah Edgar, Medical Imaging BS
Stephanie Evans, Biology BS, environmental biology
Elliott Fackler, Biology BS, environmental biology
Ryan Faust, Medical Imaging BS
Nathan Feiertag, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Alondra Fernandez, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
George Figueroa, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Gina Fiore, Medical Imaging BS
Eric Fitzgerald, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Kyle Flannery, Health Sciences BS
Courtney Fritz, Health Sciences BS
Grace Fronheiser, Biology BA
Edgar Garcia, Health Sciences BS
Lindsay Gehman, Medical Imaging BS
Aaron Gordon-Weaver, Biology BS, environmental biology
Tori Goshow, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Emma Hecker, Medical Imaging BS
Jade Hensinger, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Juliana Hernandez, Biology BA
Jacqlene Hoffman, Biology BS, environmental biology
Jade Hoffman, Medical Imaging BS
Justin Howal, Medical Imaging BS
Morgan Ilgenfritz, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Niles Kauffman, Medical Imaging BS
Elizabeth Kester, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Eleanor Kirby, Medical Imaging BS
Chad Klinedinst, Biology BS, environmental biology
Kurt Knepley, Biology BS, molecular biology
Troy Koch, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Courtney Kovilaritch, Medical Imaging BS
Jerimiah Kozacheck, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Haley Kravitz, Health Sciences BS
Kaylei Lapchak, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Kayla Lavella, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Zackary Lehman, Medical Imaging BS
Brett Luhrman, Medical Imaging BS
William Madden, Health Sciences BS
Alison Martin, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Marjorie Martin, Medical Imaging BS
Patrick Martin, Biology BS
Katherine Mather-Shingara, Biology BS, environmental biology
Natalie Mayo, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Allison McCracken, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Lily Mehalick, Medical Imaging BS
Lexie Mendall, Biology BS, environmental biology
Shaidy Moronta, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Hosanna Mullen, Biology BS, molecular biology
Madison Mullen, Biology BA, natural history
Tiffany Mulligan, Medical Imaging BS
Emily Noll, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Benjamin Paul, Biology BS, environmental biology
David Perez, Biology BA
Jonathan Perez, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Jean-Nicole Place, Biology BS, molecular biology
Jacob Plachko, Medical Imaging BS
Dominick Policare, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Ethan Powell, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Madison Quinn, Medical Imaging BS
Amy Rader, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Victoria Reggie, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Blake Remensnyder, Health Sciences BS
Ryan Rhoades, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Emily Rine, Health Sciences BS
Jennifer Ringsdorf, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Marcus Roberts, Biology BA, natural history
Samantha Romania, Medical Imaging BS
Jamie Rosencranse, Medical Imaging BS
Michaela Roth, Biology BS
Kylie Ruhl, Medical Imaging BS
Cody Seachrist, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Kayla Sensenig, Medical Imaging BS
Terri Shoop, Medical Imaging BS
Bailey Smith, Medical Imaging BS
Kayla Smith, Medical Imaging BS
Monique Snow, Medical Imaging BS
Megan Sorber, Medical Imaging BS
Brina Jo Sotelom Medical Imaging BS
Renee Spancake, Biology BS, environmental biology
Derek Stahl, Medical Imaging BS
Morgan Stauffer, Medical Imaging BS
Daniel Steinhauser, Biology BS, environmental biology
Keara Suprock, Medical Imaging BS
Devan Sweeney, Medical Imaging BS
Matthew Swift, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Beau Tamanini, Health Sciences BS
Autumn Temple, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Mallory Tomaschik, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Taylor Trautwein, Health Sciences BS
Jennifer Tuomisto, Biology BS, environmental biology
Brittany Underkoffler, Health Sciences BS, medical lab science
Amber Wagner, Biology BS
Alexander Wehr, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Rachael Wood,  Medical Imaging BS
Adrienne Yordy, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Olivia Zeitler, Medical Imaging BS
Brandon Zimmerman, Biology BS
Taylor Zucco, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy

Shandna Burroughs examines prokinecticin-2 effects in Syrian Hamsters

Shandna Burroughs at work in the lab
Shandna Burroughs, a graduate student in Dr. Candice Klingerman's laboratory, received the Kristin M. Lynch Memorial Scholarship for graduate students (fall 2016). Her research examines the effects of a protein, prokineticin-2 (PK-2), on reproductive and ingestive behaviors of Syrian hamsters.  She has found that the protein has profound effects on both sets of behaviors.  PK-2 acted as an appetite suppressant, while increasing female reproductive behavior. This research is the first to show that PK-2 can affect both of these behaviors simultaneously and may indicate a potential treatment in the war against obesity, while having a positive side effect - increased sex drive!  Ms. Burroughs is currently examining how PK-2 influences peptide hormones in the blood with Dr. Jennifer Venditti and mRNA expression in the brain with Dr. Schwindinger.  She will be defending her Master's thesis this November and plans on continuing graduate school in a Ph.D. program next fall.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sneak peek at Spring Elective Offerings

Image result for electives
Electives are a great opportunity to explore new fields, pursue a specific interest, or prepare for graduate or professional school. The following biology and health science electives are planned for spring 2017. Consult your curriculum guide or academic advisor to determine which ones count towards your particular academic program.

Biology 233 Human Genetics, Dr. Chamruis
Biology 301 Introduction to Healthcare, Dr. Venditti
Biology 333 Molecular Biology, Dr. Davis
Biology 342 Medical Microbiology, Dr. Henry
Biology 361 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Dr. Corbin
Biology 420/520, Global Change Biology, Dr. Rier
Biology 442/542 Virology, Dr. Nolt
Biology 472 Animal Cell Physiology, Dr. Brubaker
Biology 474 Human Physiology, Dr. Hansen
Biology 470 Integrated Physiology Lab, Drs Williams and Coleman
Biology 489/589 Current Topics in Biology, Lyme Disease

Writing in Biology will also be offered by Dr. Ardizzi.

In addition, to the above electives, the following core classes for various BAHS programs will also be offered: Concepts in Biology 1 and 2, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Ecology, Genetics, Medical Terminology, Introduction to Nutrition, Senior Seminar.

Dr. Davis granted provisional patent

Dr. George Davis, associate professor, Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences, and his colleague Dr. Mark Stocksdale, Department of Chemistry at Earlham College, have been granted a provisional patent for their invention  “'Trojan Horse' targeted delivery system for crop species” as listed on the Penn State “Technologies Available for Licensing” page. This invention uses the iron uptake system found in grasses to deliver nutrients / minerals, growth regulators, herbicides, and fertilizers to a wide range of plants that have been genetically engineered to express the iron transporter. This technology has the potential to promote more vigorous growth in crop plants and to reduce the detrimental environmental impacts of fertilizers. The provisional patent allows protection for the development of the technology until April, 2017. A description is available at:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Medical Imaging Students Visit Johns Hopkins Hospital

Drs. Nolt and Klingerman and a lively group of Medical Imaging Majors headed off to an Open House at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD on September 23, 2016. Students  had the opportunity to learn more about the imaging programs available at John Hopkins and to take a tour. On the field trip were Morgan Campbell, Doronella Simon, Morgan Berger, Stevie Voss,          Chelsea Harlan, Jayne Confalone, Bailey Smith, Tessa Eckman, Madison Quinn, Courtney Kovilaritch, Jamie Rosencranse, Emma Hecker, Zackary Lehman, Shannon Marks, MacKenzie Bernstiel, Rebecca Stalvey, Jennifer Albanese, and Madeleine Stander.

Learn About Careers in Biology and Allied Health

BAHS welcomes several speakers during the month of October to present information on various career options in biology and allied health. Everyone is invited to attend!
Careers in Biology/Allied Health

Monday, Oct. 10              Tuesday, Oct. 11

HSC G42 6:30 pm                           HSC G42 6:15 pm  

Mr. Kenneth Roszel                     Mr.SteveUhl                         

Radiography                                    Physician Assistant

Geisinger Medical Center                Evangelical Community Hosp.


Wednesday, Oct. 12        Thurs, Oct. 13

HSC G40 6:15 pm                           HSC G42 6:30 & 7:00 pm  

Mr. Ron Byerly                                Cathy Haffner

Physician Assistant                         Conservation Coordinator

Geisinger Medical Center                PA Game Commission


Heather Almer

                                                        Watershed Specialist

                                                        CC Conservation District


Monday, Oct. 17             

HSC G42 6:00 pm                          

Mr. Kevin Zajac                                              

Medicine, Pharmacy                      

Philadelphia COM                                                  



Tuesday, Oct. 25             Thurs, Oct. 27

HSC 122 6:30 pm                           ABLE (CRH 119) 5:00 pm

Mr. Brian Spezialetti                          Ms. Julianne Heater

Medical Lab Science                       Medical Student

Robert Packer Hosp.                       Philadelphia COM 

Monday, September 19, 2016

ABLE Open House

ABLE, the Academic Biology Learning Environment, welcomed students in introductory biology courses to its Open House on September 15. Over 50 students along with BAHS faculty members Drs. Amin, Hess, Nolt, Schwindinger, and Surmacz, graduate asaistant John Poling, Dean Aronstam, and Assistant Dean Dr, Venditti, were on hand to kick off the new academic year. at Columbia Residence Hall.  Students had the opportunity to view  ABLE resources and facilities, meet faculty and tutors, learn about ABLE workshops and study sessions, and of course have some snacks.  Dr. Hess's human body cookies were a big hit!  Students also received prizes that ranged from school supplies to miniature skeletons. Thanks to all who attended. Please take advantage of the opportunities available at ABLE!

Join Tri Beta!

Biology Trivia is Coming!

Dr. Rier partners with Chesapeake Conservancy in Precision Conservation Efforts

Dr. Steven Rier
Bloomsburg University, along with the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Susquehanna University and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation are partners in a three year initiative to restore and conserve the Susquehanna River Watershed. This project of the Chesapeake Conservancy was funded by a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundatioin.This collaborative project pilots a new approach called precision conservation that aims to use new technologies and data sets to improve water quality by reducing sediment and nutrient pollution from non-point sources. .Dr. Steven Rier and his students will directly evaluate the effectiveness of the precision conservation approach by determining if restoration efforts actually reduce nutrient and sediment loads and restore key ecosystem functions. Bloomsburg University will receive $115,000 to complete this work. Congratulations to Dr. Rier. We look forward to learning the results of your research on the precision conservation approach.

Class at the Beach!

Here are some scenes from Dr. Klinger's Marine Invertebrates class that was held at the Chincoteague Bay Field Station in Wallops Island, VA this summer. Looks like fun!  For more information on marine biology or summer courses at Wallops Island, please contact Dr. Thomas Klinger at

Intern Feature: Nathan Feiertag

Nathan Feiertag
Nathan Feiertag, B.S. Biology, pre-medical sciences option, interned this summer as a research scholar at Lehigh Valley Hospital.  Nathan collaborated with fellow research scholars and Dr. Patruno, Dr. Pellini, Dr. Martino, Andrew Katz, and Michael Fink in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Their research goal was to determine if a videotaping technology called Simcapture is a reliable and useful tool for assessing the surgical competencies of residents in endoscopic, laparoscopic, hysteroscopic, and robotic laparoscopic cases.  The research team developed an evaluation rubric to assess the performance of the surgical residents on criteria such as dexterity, procedural methods, and depth perception.  After recording the residents' surgical techniques using the Simcapture technology, the videotapes were scored using the evaluation rubric by the residents' attending physicians and by other surgeons in a blind external review. The researchers found that the residents' attending physicians almost always scored the resident higher in every category compared to the external reviewers. The researchers propose that this could have been due to the personal relationships between an attending physician and his/her resident. They concluded that the use of Simcapture videotaping technology benefits residents by providing them with critical assessments of their surgical competencies and has the potential to improve their performance and educational experience. Nathan is the vice-president of the Pre-medical Sciences Club at Bloomsburg University.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Jamie Shinskie defends thesis research

Jamie Shinskie and a hellbender
Congratulations to Jamie Shinskie for successfully defending her Master's thesis on September 3, 2016. Jamie's interdisciplinary ecological project assessed land cover data and its influence on eastern hellbender occurrence within the Susquehanna River drainage of Pennsylvania. Her results demonstrated that the loss of hellbender populations was associated with increases in siltation, sedimentation, and turbidity in stream channels accompanying deforestation. Jamie also presented her work at the recent Northeast Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Meeting, where she earned an award for best presentation. Dr. Pitt is Jamie's thesis advisor. Serving on her thesis committee were Dr. Delahunty, Department of Environmental, Geographic and Geological Sciences. Physics and Dr. Rier, Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences.  Congratulations Jamie!

Friday, September 2, 2016

And we're off!

The 2016-2017 academic year is underway!  Welcome to all BAHS students, faculty and staff. In addition to our returning students, 191 new freshmen and transfer students have joined BAHS this semester. We are delighted to have you aboard and are looking forward to working with you this academic year. The first week was a busy one with students heading out to Kocher Park in Ecology lab with Dr. Williams and into the laboratory for some crime solving in Cell Biology with Dr. Brubaker. We wish you all a successful and rewarding academic year! 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Ice Cream, You Scream

The College of Science and Technology Ice Cream Crew
To kick off Welcome Weekend, freshmen in the College of Science and Technology were treated by the Dean's Office to an ice cream social  with faculty and staff in front of Hartline Science Center. It was fun to meet and and greet incoming students in BAHS and other CoST majors while enjoying ice cream treats. Some of the students ventured off to catch Pokemon, while others hung around to enjoy the beautiful evening and eat more ice cream. Welcome to all! 

One fish, two fish!

Dr. Barry Nolt with new tropical aquariums on display n Hartline Lobby.
There's something fishy in Hartline! Two beautiful tropical aquariums are now on display in Hartline Lobby. The aquariums are gifts from Dr. Judith Downing, professor emerita. Dr. Downing taught Microbiology and Immunology in BAHS for many years. Dr. Barry Nolt has been busy this summer preparing for their new home. The aquariums  house a host of aquatic plants, Colombian tetra, and Angel fish, with more fish on the way. Check it out!

Welcome BAHS Honors students

The BU Honors Program welcomed 39 freshmen this year at a picnic in Town Park. Among them are five BAHS students:  Lauren Bunnell, biology, pre-medicine; Tara Full, biology pre-medicine;  Aurora Tamblin, biology major, Elizabeth Neifer, health sciences, pre-physical therapy; and Mikayla Ulicny, medical imaging.  As part of the honors programs, students will have opportunities to travel,  enroll in special classes,conduct a full-year of honors research with a mentor, engage in a variety of service projects,  and participate in a community of scholars. It is great to have you aboard!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

BAHS Faculty on Retreat

BAHS faculty plan for the future at the department retreat.
BAHS faculty gathered for a retreat to discuss short term and long term planning for the department. The day was spent discussing topics ranging from curriculum and facilities to student research and assessment. BAHS students can look forward to some new ideas heading their way.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Daniel Steinhauser receives poster award at SVURS

Daniel Steinhauser, a double major in biology, environmental biology option and philosophy and minor in Spatial Analysis and Geographic Information Systems, earned a prize for top poster in the Natural Sciences and Engineering Category at the Susquehanna Valley Undergraduate Research Symposium (SVURS). Daniel's poster presentation was entitled "Quantification of the Spatial Extent and Water Quality Improvement Functions of Alluvial River Islands in the North Branch Susquehanna River Basin." He was mentored by Dr. Matthew Ricker in the Department of Environmental, Geographic and Geological Sciences. Daniel's research examined the content of coal sand and the concentrations of lead, arsenic and zinc in soil samples from two islands in the north branch of the Susquehanna River. Their  results revealed elevated levels of lead and zinc in the soil, suggesting that the islands continue to play a role in improving the water quality of the Susquehanna River. 

The 6th annual SVURS was hosted by Bloomsburg University and  was  co-sponsored by Bloomsburg University, Bucknell Institute for Public Policy, Geisinger Health System, and Susquehanna University. Undergraduates from all disciplines were invited to present their research at the symposium in the following areas: biological science, clinical and translational research, natural science and engineering, and social science and humanities.Nearly 100 students presented research posters. Congratulations Daniel!

Daniel Steinhauser with his award winning poster at poster award winner at SVURS

Intern Feature: Meet Allison Bleistein

Allison Bleistein, B.S. biology major, environmental biology option, conducted a summer internship at the Chincoteague Bay Field Station in Wallops Island, Virginia. Dr. Thomas Klinger was her academic supervisor.  During this 10 week internship, Allison applied her background from her BAHS courses to work experiences at the Field Station. Alison helped lead a research project focused on sustainable shoreline restoration through the use of environmentally friendly methods, like planting natural grasses to help prevent erosion and building oyster reefs to promote water filtration.  Among her other tasks were the maintenance of aquaria, laboratories, and classrooms. While at the Field Station, Allison had the opportunity to take a Conservation Biology course where she gained many new field skills (e.g. setting live animal traps, tagging amphibians/small mammals, and using VHF tracking telemetry). On top of all of these great experiences, Allison reports that she had the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of people and to make valuable connections for the future.

BAHS Alumna Jessica Willis

Jessica Willis, BAHS aluma, is currently a doctoral student
 at Lehigh University. Jessica earned both her bachelor's
and master's degree in biology from BAHS.
Dr. William Coleman was her research mentor. 
BAHS welcomed back alumna Jessica Willis, B.S. (2013) and M.S. Biology (2015), who stopped by for a visit recently to reconnect with faculty and staff. Jessica is currently a student in the doctoral program in biological sciences in the Integrated Neurosciences track at Lehigh University.  Jessica is working in the laboratory of Dr. Julie Miwa, a neuroscientist who studies the cholinergic system using a multidisciplinary approach.  The aim of Jessica's dissertation research is to understand the role of Lynx 1, an important regulatory protein, as a modulator of the nicotinic receptor. She is currently working on developing techniques for calcium imaging in mammalian cell culture lines. Jessica will be a teaching assistant in the Genetics laboratory this fall at Lehigh and is the treasurer of the Biology Organization of Graduate Students. Have a great academic year Jessica! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

All About BAHS Internships

Erika Lebron, health sciences pre-physical therapy major,
enjoys a break during her internship at
St. Luke's Universty Health Network
-Northampton Campus.
An internship is a supervised learning experience that allows you to apply your classroom knowledge to the work environment. Internships can be very beneficial. In addition to helping you to clarify your career goals, internships can assist you in gaining admission to graduate school, professional programs, or clinical experiences. They provide great opportunities to learn more about your field of study and to network with professionals. Internships can count for 3 to 15 hours of credit; however only 3 credits may be applied as biology or health science elective credits. For more information on internships, contact your academic adviser. Advanced planning is required!

Here is what some of our summer interns had to say about their experience.
"This rewarding experience gave me the opportunity to learn from licensed technologists whom I aspire to be one day. I was fortunate to practice working in a hospital environment, and learning so many techniques and tips about my future career. The Bloomsburg hospital had an amazing staff, and I am thankful to attend a college that allows students to gain these opportunities."
Chelsea Harlan, medical imaging major. Academic supervisor: Dr. Angela Hess

" I completed my internship at Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services  I learned much while I was there, and was able to utilize the medical vocabulary that I learned in class to be more efficient at the facility. One of the most important things I Learned while interning at Phoenix was that the relationship between patient and therapist is crucial.  I  also became more familiar with different muscle groups and what exercises they needed to regain range of motion and/or build up strength."
Anthony DiLucido, health sciences, pre-physical therapy major. Academic supervisor: Dr. Coleman

"Securing an internship at Star Physical Therapy and Fitness afforded me the opportunity to obtain valuable knowledge on the most effective techniques and treatments on a wide range of debilitating injuries.  Being able to observe under a Clinical Vestibular Specialist is rare, and I was fortunate enough to witness the common treatments for nystagmus and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo".
Kayla Lavella, health sciences, pre-physical therapy major. Academic supervisor: Dr. Clay Corbin

"I was at Geisinger Medical Center for the Medical Imaging internship. Throughout this internship I not only learned that Medical Imaging is a career I will thrive in and enjoy each day, but also how rewarding it is to help patients in their recovery. The scientific advances in healthcare I was able to observe were astounding." 
Olivia Zeitler, medical imaging major. Academic supervisor: Dr. Barry Nolt

"This summer I interned at the St. Luke's Hospital-Allentown Campus in the outpatient physical therapy department.  I had the opportunity to interact with many patients that had varying injuries from sprains to total knee replacements.  I learned many techniques and exercises that will help me on my journey to becoming a successful Physical Therapist."  
Megan Muthard, health sciences, pre-physical therapy major. Academic Supervisor: Dr. Kristen Brubaker