Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Intern Feature: Meet Allison Bleistein

Allison Bleistein, B.S. biology major, environmental biology option, conducted a summer internship at the Chincoteague Bay Field Station in Wallops Island, Virginia. Dr. Thomas Klinger was her academic supervisor.  During this 10 week internship, Allison applied her background from her BAHS courses to work experiences at the Field Station. Alison helped lead a research project focused on sustainable shoreline restoration through the use of environmentally friendly methods, like planting natural grasses to help prevent erosion and building oyster reefs to promote water filtration.  Among her other tasks were the maintenance of aquaria, laboratories, and classrooms. While at the Field Station, Allison had the opportunity to take a Conservation Biology course where she gained many new field skills (e.g. setting live animal traps, tagging amphibians/small mammals, and using VHF tracking telemetry). On top of all of these great experiences, Allison reports that she had the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of people and to make valuable connections for the future.