Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Intern Feature: Jessica Peters

Jessica Peters, B.S. Health Sciences, interned at Janssen R & D, a Johnson and Johnson pharmaceutical company, in Spring House, PA for the past two summers. Dr. Brubaker served as her academic supervisor. Jessica conducted research on rheumatoid arthritis with the Immunology- Disease Integrative Biology team. Her work focused on testing serum samples from rheumatoid arthritis patients for specific cytokines. To accomplish this, Jessica conducted experiments that used luminex, ELISA, and Real-Time PCR. She also gained experience interpreting and graphing data using a program called GraphPad Prism 6 and recording experimental results in an electronic lab notebook. Her work will be published in the journal of the American College of Rheumatology this year.  When considering her summer internship, Jessica reflects that  " I've made a difference in the world and I would love to continue this work as a life time career. " These comments certainly underscore the value of academic internship experiences.
Jessica Peters at work in the lab at Janssen R & D
as part  of the Immunology Disease
 Integrative Biology Team
Jessica in the lobby of Janssen R & D, her
 internship site in Spring House, PA