Tuesday, August 23, 2016

All About BAHS Internships

Erika Lebron, health sciences pre-physical therapy major,
enjoys a break during her internship at
St. Luke's Universty Health Network
-Northampton Campus.
An internship is a supervised learning experience that allows you to apply your classroom knowledge to the work environment. Internships can be very beneficial. In addition to helping you to clarify your career goals, internships can assist you in gaining admission to graduate school, professional programs, or clinical experiences. They provide great opportunities to learn more about your field of study and to network with professionals. Internships can count for 3 to 15 hours of credit; however only 3 credits may be applied as biology or health science elective credits. For more information on internships, contact your academic adviser. Advanced planning is required!

Here is what some of our summer interns had to say about their experience.
"This rewarding experience gave me the opportunity to learn from licensed technologists whom I aspire to be one day. I was fortunate to practice working in a hospital environment, and learning so many techniques and tips about my future career. The Bloomsburg hospital had an amazing staff, and I am thankful to attend a college that allows students to gain these opportunities."
Chelsea Harlan, medical imaging major. Academic supervisor: Dr. Angela Hess

" I completed my internship at Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services  I learned much while I was there, and was able to utilize the medical vocabulary that I learned in class to be more efficient at the facility. One of the most important things I Learned while interning at Phoenix was that the relationship between patient and therapist is crucial.  I  also became more familiar with different muscle groups and what exercises they needed to regain range of motion and/or build up strength."
Anthony DiLucido, health sciences, pre-physical therapy major. Academic supervisor: Dr. Coleman

"Securing an internship at Star Physical Therapy and Fitness afforded me the opportunity to obtain valuable knowledge on the most effective techniques and treatments on a wide range of debilitating injuries.  Being able to observe under a Clinical Vestibular Specialist is rare, and I was fortunate enough to witness the common treatments for nystagmus and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo".
Kayla Lavella, health sciences, pre-physical therapy major. Academic supervisor: Dr. Clay Corbin

"I was at Geisinger Medical Center for the Medical Imaging internship. Throughout this internship I not only learned that Medical Imaging is a career I will thrive in and enjoy each day, but also how rewarding it is to help patients in their recovery. The scientific advances in healthcare I was able to observe were astounding." 
Olivia Zeitler, medical imaging major. Academic supervisor: Dr. Barry Nolt

"This summer I interned at the St. Luke's Hospital-Allentown Campus in the outpatient physical therapy department.  I had the opportunity to interact with many patients that had varying injuries from sprains to total knee replacements.  I learned many techniques and exercises that will help me on my journey to becoming a successful Physical Therapist."  
Megan Muthard, health sciences, pre-physical therapy major. Academic Supervisor: Dr. Kristen Brubaker