Friday, June 22, 2018

BAHS 3 + 2 Accelerated Master's program: Meet Emily Ashberry

Emily Ashberry

Emily Ashberry is the first student in BAHS’s new 3 + 2 accelerated master's program. Emily is currently working on her master’s thesis under the direction of Dr. Steven Rier.  Her project is entitled “Understanding the environmental context of algal priming of course particulate organic matter decomposition in streams.”  Emily’s work will examine how conditions such as light, nutrient concentrations and the presence of labile carbon affect algae.  The presence of algae in an aquatic ecosystem can stimulate the breakdown of terrestrial organic matter by heterotrophic decomposers.

Emily had a very successful undergraduate career. She completed the requirements of the BU Honors Program and was nominated for Outstanding Senior in Biology. She was inducted into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society.  Emily is the recipient of numerous scholarships including the BAHS Scholarship, the Henry Carver scholarship (3 years), the Math, Science and Technology Scholarship, and the Freshman Honors Scholarship. Outside the classroom, Emily was a class representative and a mentor in the Honors Program and a member of the BAHS Club and the Scuba Club. In the community, Emily has volunteered at the Animal Resource Center, served as a team captain for Relay for Life, and worked at blood drives for the American Red Cross.  She has participated in service projects in Jamaica and in New Jersey.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

27th Annual Health Sciences Symposium Focuses on Lung Health

"Lung Health" was the theme of the 27th Annual Health Sciences Symposium held at Bloomsburg University on April 26 and 27, 2018.  The event was kicked off by the keynote address at Mitrani Hall at the Haas Center for the Performing Arts. Adrienne Yordy, the recipient of the BAHS Outstanding Senior  award, had the honor of introducing our guest speaker Paul Simonelli, M.D., Ph.D., a pulmonologist from Geisinger Medical Center.  His address  entitled " "A Population Health Approach to Chronic Lung Disease"  was presented to an audience of over 500 students, faculty and community members. 

Dr. Simonelli , pictured at left, is the chair of the department of pulmonology and critical care medicine, the system-wide director of  the division of pulmonary and sleep  medicine, and the director of population health. Dr. Simonelli earned his medical degree and doctoral degree in biochemistry from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  He completed his residency at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and conducted post-doctoral research in virology at Columbia University. Dr. Simonelli, is currently active in clinical research, serving as the site principal investigator for several studies in pulmonary medicine. He is interested in topics such as advanced lung disease, interstitital lung disease, chronic airway disease including asthma and COPD. 

The Health Sciences Symposium continued on Friday, April 27 at Kehr Union for a day of professional presentations on topics related to Lung Health and over 90 poster presentations by undergraduate and graduate students. The Wellness Fair featured over 30 exhibitors, providing opportunities to learn about area health organizations,to take part in health screenings, and to explore services available at Bloomsburg University and the surrounding community. A great time was had by all!  

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Spring Semester 2018 Dean's List

Congratulations to BAHS majors who made the Dean's List Spring 2018!  

The following BAHS majors earned a 3.50 or above during Spring Semester 2018.  Keep up the good work!

Julio Abadia Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Haeden Allbeck Health Sciences, Medical Lab Science
Emily Altemus Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy
Elijah Anseaume Biology
Kelly Arnold Health Sciences, General
Kelly Arnold Medical Imaging
Amanda Aulenbach Biology
Madison Aungst Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Oriana Balascio Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Brandon Ball Biology, Environmental Biology
Lauren Barrett Biology, Environmental Biology
Allison Beaver Medical Imaging
Tanner Bingaman Biology
Nathan Bischof Medical Imaging
Margaret Bisciotti Medical Imaging
Hannah Blauch Medical Imaging
Cortney Blevins Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Brielle Bolinsky Biology, Environmental Biology
Carly Bonomo Health Sciences, Pre-Accel 2nd Degree Nursing
Taylor Bozza Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Brittany Branco Medical Imaging
Alyssa Brown Biology
Sarah Buckley Biology, Natural History
Lauren Bunnell Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Kailey Burns Medical Imaging
Emily Bybel Medical Imaging
Hannah Byorick Health Sciences, General
Sarah Cantymagli Biology, Natural History
Brittany Caskey Biology, Environmental Biology
Samantha Castillo Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy
Allison Charles Medical Imaging
Morgan Cillo Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Stefanie Cimino Health Sciences, Medical Lab Science
Brooke Coldren Medical Imaging
Elizabeth Cole Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Jessica Comstock Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Andrew Cross Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Valerie Davi Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy
Jamie Davis Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Jamie Davis Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Daniel Deignan Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Danielle DelGiorno Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy
Emily Desantiago Medical Imaging
Heather Detwiler Health Sciences, Pre-Accel 2nd Degree Nursing
Elizabeth Drumm Medical Imaging
Aubrey Eberly Health Sciences, General
Aubrey Eberly Medical Imaging
Rain Escovedo Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Aminata Fall Medical Imaging
Nathan Feiertag Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Ethan Fiedler Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Kyle Flannery Health Sciences, Medical Genomics & Counseling
Dhir Gala Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Megan Garland Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Lindsay Gehman Health Sciences, General
Lindsay Gehman Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Tiffany Gerber Medical Imaging
Gina Gervasi Medical Imaging
Claudia Girardi Medical Imaging
Xiane Goda Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Taylor Gorman Medical Imaging
Kaitlyn Gresko Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Andrea Griesacker Biology, Environmental Biology
Joseph Gundel Health Sciences, General
Emily Hackenberg Medical Imaging
Justin Haney Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy
Jordyn Heckard Medical Imaging
Brianna Heller Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Justin Heller Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Jade Hensinger Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Juliana Hernandez Health Sciences, General
Lizmeidy Hernandez Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Micaela Hoadley Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Alexis Hoffman Medical Imaging
Bailey Hoyt Health Sciences, Medical Lab Science
Danielle James Health Sciences, Pre-Pharmacy
Brittany Jenkins Pre-Medical Science Certificate
Michaela Jordan Medical Imaging
Joseph Kennard Medical Imaging
Elizabeth Kester Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Morgan Kile Biology
Morgan Kile Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy
Robert Kilpatrick Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Ian King Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy
Amanda Kline Medical Imaging
Taylor Lightner Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Amber Lindsey Medical Imaging
Nina Litz Medical Imaging
Allison Lockard Medical Imaging
Salina Lucchesi Medical Imaging
April Lugo Medical Imaging
Amy Maciejewski Medical Imaging
Gabriel Manyak Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Alison Martin Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Diana Masteller Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Kyle Mausteller Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Autumn McBride Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Kenneth McCollum Medical Imaging
Allison McCracken Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy
Shania Moore Medical Imaging
Andrea Myers Health Sciences, Pre-Accel 2nd Degree Nursing
Stacey Nocero Health Sciences, General
Alyssa Orrico Medical Imaging
Alexandria Ostman Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Sarah Palumbo Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Melissa Parsons Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy
Sweetie Patel Biology, Environmental Biology
Benjamin Paul Biology, Environmental Biology
Cody Pavlick Biology, Environmental Biology
Mitchel Petersen Medical Imaging
Brianna Pfirman Health Sciences, General
Gabrielle Piccolo Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Lenora Pierce Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Lauren Platt Medical Imaging
Blake Remensnyder Health Sciences, Pre-Pharmacy
Emily Reynolds Medical Imaging
Lainey Richwine Medical Imaging
Peter Rigel Medical Imaging
Cassandra Riley Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Emily Rine Health Sciences, Medical Lab Science
Jacklyn Rispin Health Sciences, Pre-Pharmacy
Marcus Roberts Biology, Natural History
Luke Rodgers Pre-Medical Sciences Certificate
Andrew Roth Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Andrew Roth Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy
Michaela Roth Biology
Rachael Ryver Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Justin Salak Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Isabella Sauer Medical Imaging
Kaelyn Sessa-Sarver Health Sciences, Medical Lab Science
Kathryn Sherry Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Taylor Shughart Biology
Caitlyn Smith Medical Imaging
Erin Smith Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Nicole Snider Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Allison Sowers Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Renee Spancake Biology, Environmental Biology
Matthew Srednicki Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Samantha Starbuck Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Casey Steward Health Sciences, Medical Lab Science
Casey Steward Medical Imaging
Rachael Strockbine Biology
Alayna Stroup Medical Imaging
Keara Suprock Medical Imaging
Beau Tamanini Health Sciences, General
Gabriella Tammaro Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Autumn Temple Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Mikayla Ulicny Medical Imaging
Michaela Wagner Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Emily Weaver Health Sciences, Medical Lab Science
Kalynn Wheeland Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy
Nicole Whitenight Medical Imaging
Ian Whiteside Biology, Molecular Biology
Jennifer Wilcox Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Erika Wilson Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy
Morgan Wilson Health Sciences, General
Alyssa Woodruff Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Adrienne Yordy Biology, Pre-Medical Sciences 
Olivia Zoltowski Biology
Taylor Zucco Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy

BAHS bids a fond farewell to Sean Hartzell

Sean Hartzell
BAHS sends its best wishes to Sean Hartzell, 2015 BA Biology and 2017 MS  Biology, as he begins his new position at the PA Fish and Boat Commission. This marks the end of Sean's seven years at BU,  first as an undergraduate, then as a master's student and finally as as an adjunct instructor, teaching invertebrate zoology and anatomy and physiology.  

Sean had a VERY successful academic career at BU.  He graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Biology, natural history option, and a minor in geology.  Sean was a member of Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society and honor society of Phi Kappa Phi. He conducted undergraduate research on newts and hellbenders. Sean's master's thesis was entitled "Behavior of Eastern Hellbenders and Native and Non-Native Crayfish from the Susquehanna Drainage of Pennsylvania."  Sean's broad research interests encompass herpetology, freshwater ecology, crayfish, invasive species, freshwater invertebrates. natural history and collections-based biology. Sean and his colleagues have presented this work in many venues including the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, the Commonwealth of PA University Biologists, the annual Susquehanna River symposium, the Northeast Natural History Conference, and the International Congress for Conservation Biology. 

Sean has published manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals such as Freshwater Crayfish, the Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences, and Freshwater Biology. He has published over a dozen research notes  and popular articles in Herpetology Notes, Herpetological Bulletin, and Herpetological Reviews.  He has also published a poem "Chelonian epitaph" in Chelonian Conservation and Biology.  Sean was featured in the "NextGen Voices" section  in the July 1, 2016 issue of Science, the magazine of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  Sean's 6-word submission in "Science in Brief" under the category of motivation was " Persist: You can make a difference." 

We will miss you Sean. You have indeed made a difference. You have our best wishes for continued success in your future endeavors. 

Welcome back Dr. Rachel Melnick

Dr. Rachel Melnick
Dr. Rachel Melnick, a 2003 biology alumna, returned to BU to be the keynote speaker at the College of Science and Technology Research Day on April 13, 2017. Dr. Melnick earned her M.S. and Ph.D. in plant pathology at Penn State University. Her graduate work focused on biological control options for cocoa diseases and led her to international research in Ecuador and Bolivia. Her postdoctoral research was conducted at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the Perennial Crops Lab of the Agricultural Research Services in Beltsville, MD. Dr. Melnick currently is the National Program Leader for Agroclimatology and Production in the USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture. She manages programs in the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative and in the Small Business Innovation Research: Crop Production and Protection-Engineering program area in conjunction with the National Science Foundation.

During her keynote address, Dr. Melnick spoke fondly of her undergraduate days at Bloomsburg University and the experiences that shaped her career. She made special note of her role as drum major of the BU marching band and her research experiences in Dr. Chamuris's lab. Dr. Melnick urged our students to take advantage of opportunities that arise and emphasized the importance of networking in her successful career. It was great to see you Dr. Melnick--come back soon!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Heather Beattie receives James E. Parsons Scholarship

Heather Beattie
Heather Beattiea Health Science, medical laboratory science major, has been awarded the James E. Parsons Scholarship. The scholarship was established by Dr. Parsons, retired professor of microbiology, faculty emeritus, and former director of the medical laboratory science program at BU. Heather a dean’s list student, is currently employed at Geisinger Laboratory Client Services. She also serves as a student secretary in the Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences. Heather plans to apply for clinical experiences in Medical Laboratory Science this summer. Congratulations Heather!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Dr. Schell Award Recipients Announced

Pre-medical science majors Jasmine Bailey (Top left) and Justin Salak (bottom left) are recipients of the Dr. Stephen Schell Scholarship. The award was generously established by Dr. Stephen E. Schell, MD (BS Biology, 1975), a board certified otolaryngologist and graduate of Temple University School of Medicine. Funding provided by the award assists pre-medical science students in preparing for osteopathic or allopathic medical school by helping to defray the cost of a preparatory course or materials for the Medical College Admission Test.

Jasmine is a Dean's list student and recipient of the Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society Ruby Key. Jasmine received a Board of Governor's Scholarship and is serving as a program mentor. She has been employed as a Home Health Aide and a pharmacy technician. Jasmine has volunteered at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA. She has earned Level 1 Leadership certification by the Center for Leadership and Engagement.

Justin is a dean's list student and was initiated in Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society. He is a Community Assistant in the residence halls. Justin volunteers each week at a soup kitchen organized by Wesley United Methodist Church and is a peer buddy for Best Buddies International. He has volunteered at Geisinger Bloomsburg Outpatient Center in the Post-Anesthesia care Unit and in the operating room at Community general osteopathic Hospital.  His goal is to be a orthopedic surgeon.

Marcus Roberts conducts summer internship

Marcus Roberts
Marcus Roberts, a senior biology major at Bloomsburg University from Danville, is an intern this summer at a fish hatchery run by the Montour County Sportsman Working for Kids. The fish hatchery grows brook, rainbow, brown and golden trout, ranging in size from 8 to 15 inches long.  The group recently sponsored a Kid's Fishing Derby at Mahoning Creek behind the Danville Middle School for kids up to age 12 years old.  Marcus helped add trout to the stream for this 41st annual event on May 28. Marcus will graduate cum laude in summer 2018 with a major in Biology, natural history, and minors in anthropology and geoscience. He is a graduate of the Bloomsburg University Honors Program. His honors thesis investigated the effects of tree canopy on streams.

BAHS Students Receive CPUB grants

Alexandria Ostman
Stephanie Buczkowski

Alexandria Ostman, a senior biology major, pre-medical sciences option, and Stephanie Buczkowski, a graduate student in the Master's of Science program in biology received research grants from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists (CPUB) during the 2017-2018 academic year. CPUB is an organization composed of biology faculty in the fourteen universities of the Pennsylavania State system of Higher Education.  The organization's mission is to support teaching and research. In addition to providing research grants, CPUB hosts an annual meeting each year featuring a keynote address and undergraduate and graduate student research presentations. Stephanie;s project is entitled  “Interpreting the roles of EphA2 in promoting an aggressive phenotype using a mouse melanoma model” She is mentored by Dr. Angela R. Hess. Alexandria  investigated “Short-term changes in leaf water loss in response to clipping”, Her mentor is Dr. Kevin Williams. Both Stephanie and Alexandria presented their work at the 2018 CPUB meeting at Mansfield University and at the College of Science and Technology Research Day. Congratulations Steph and Ali!

Katherine Sherry receives Dr. Fred Maue 1976 Scholarship

Katherine Sherry

Katherine Sherry is the recipient of the Dr. Fred Maue 1976 Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to a student in the BS Biology Pre-medical Sciences curriculum. Katherine, a rising junior, is a dean’s list student and recipient of the Phi Kappa Phi Recognition Award.  She is a member of  the club softball team and the pre-medical sciences club.  At home, she is a member of the Sacramento Community Firehouse.  Katherine was selected to participate in the Summer Program in Neuroscience at Boston University Medical School. Her goal is to become a surgeon. She is interested in medical specialties in neurology or pediatrics.  Congratulations Kat!  

Dr. Chamuris discusses the Wildflowers of Ricketts Glen State Park at the Exchange