Monday, November 19, 2018

Congratulations to new members of the Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society

The Bloomsburg University chapter of Beta Beta Beta, the biology honor society, welcomed new members at its initiation ceremony in 108 Hartline Science Center on October 14, 2018. Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) is a society for students dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. Since its founding in 1922, more than 175,000 persons have been accepted into lifetime membership, and more than 430 chapters have been established throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. The mission of Tri-Beta is:  1) to stimulate scholarship; 2) to disseminate scientific knowledge; and 3) to promote biological research ( States and Puerto Rico. The mission of Tri-Beta is:  1) to stimulate scholarship; 2) to disseminate scientific knowledge; and 3) to promote biological research (  
Tri-Beta Officers

The ceremony was conducted by Tri-Beta officers President Kaitlyn Gresko, Vice-President Rachael  Ryver, Secretary Elizabeth Kester, Treasurer Allison Mccracken, and Historians, Andrew Cross and Michaela Roth. The group is advised by Drs. Hare-Harris and Surmacz.  During the ceremony, initiates learned about the history, symbols and mission of Tri-Beta and took a pledge to promote its spirit, objectives, and honor. Congratulating the graduates were Dean Robert Aronstam and BAHS Chairperson Dr,  Angela Hess. Guest speaker Dr. Kate Beishline engaged the assembly of initiates and their families, BAHS faculty, and guests with a presentation on "Maintaining our Cellular Instruction Manual: Walking the fine line between cancer and aging." 

Current student members of Tri Beta are: undergraduates:  Andrew Cross, Dhir Gala, Kaitlyn Gresko, Devin Jenkins, Elizabeth Kester, Allison McCracken, Jennifer Ringsdorf, Sarah Ritter, Michaela Roth, Rachael Ryver, Phoebe Slavens, Colleen Tobey, Emily Weaver, Austin White, Ian Whitesides and graduates: Emily Ashberry, MacKenzie McDowell, Jerome E. Betz III, Benjamin Paul, Aaron Gordon-Weaver,  John Poling, Heather Llewellyn

New Initiates 2018 Regular Members: Amanda Aulenbach, Cortney Blevins, Alyssa Brown

Lauren Bunnell, Elizabeth Cole, Kayla DavisLaura Encarnacion, Joseph Gundel, Kaitlyn Gwozdecki, Zechariah Hanna, Lizmeidy Hernandez, Morgan Ilgenfritz, Mitchell Liddick, Kyle Mausteller, Blake Remensnyder, Brittney Shaak, Kathryn Sherry, Alyssa Smith, Kayla Sompel
Matthew Srednicki, Samantha Starbuck, Casey Steward, Alex Wehr, Morgan Wilson

Associate Members: Jasmine Bailey, Clifford Jones, Amy Radar, Cassandra Riley

Graduate Members: Samantha Maywald, Kyle Flannery, 

BAHS majors: Put your creative side to work!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Chicoteagure Bay Field Station celebrates fifty years!

 BAHS faculty and students attended the 50th Anniversary of the Chicoteague Bay Field Station (CBFS) on October 19-21 in Wallops Island, VA. The event celebrated 50 years of hands-on, feet-wet education at the field station. Over the years, BAHS students and faculty have taken advantage of the many opportunities for teaching and research at the CBFS. Check out the photos of  BAHS graduate students  Hannah Anderson (top left) and some of their marine friends, along with a beautiful shot of the ocean! Happy Anniversary to the CBFS!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Seven BAHS sophomores recognized for academic excellence

Image result for phi kappa phiSeven BAHS students were among those recognized by The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi for outstanding academic performance in the freshman year. Phi Kappa Phi is a national honor society that recognizes and celebrates academic excellence in all disciplines. Student award recipients earning a 3.8 GPA or above were honored at a ceremony and reception on November 9 at McCormick Human Services Center. Congratulatory remarks were shared by Provost James Krause. Ms. Monica Johnson, Assistant Dean of Students, addressed the award recipients on "Involvement as Self-Care."  Congratulations to the following BAHS students who were recognized:  Hannah Blauch (Medical Imaging), Sarah Buckley (Biology), Brianna Heller (Biology), Danielle James (Health Sciences), Amy Maciejewski (Medical Imaging), Shania Moore (Medical Imaging), and Isabella Sauer (Medical Imaging.)

Saturday, October 27, 2018

BAHS Alumna serves with Americorps

Searah Kennedy at Olympic National Park.
 Searah Kennedy, a May 2018 Health Sciences graduate,spent eight weeks with Americorps working in Washington state  at Olympic National Park. Americorps is a voluntary national service program that engages participants in public service work to aid communities. Searah was a member of a small trail crew team that worked to build, conserve, and maintain areas in the park.Her crew was involved in excavation work in the gardens around Olympic National Park's Visitors Center and planted about 
3500 plants in the Hurricane Ridge
 area to vegetate public trails. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

BAHS Seminar on Friday, October 26 at 3 pm

Vitoria Nery gains clinical experience in Teresina, Brazil

Vitoria Nery, a pre-medical science major and international student from Teresina in northeast Brazil conducted an internship at the Hospital and Emergency Care Unit of Promorar.  Vitoria gained valuable clinical experience and had the opportunity to observe rounds and work with medical students and physicians. She received a certificate from the hospital for her service. 

Medical Imaging Majors Visit Johns Hopkins Hospital

Medical Imaging Majors at The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Medical Imaging Majors took a road trip on October 12, 2018 to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD to tour the facilities and learn about clinical programs.  Accompanying Drs. Judy Kipe-Nolt and Dr. Barry Nolt, were Salina  Lucchesi, Shania Moore, Gina Gervasi
Alexis Hoffman, 
Hanna Blauch
Amy Maciejewski, 
Mikayla Ulicny, and  Mckenzie Lane.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Upcoming Speakers

Check out the following speakers who will be discussing career pathways and educational opportunities!

Monday, Oct. 15
HSC G40 6:30 pm: Mr. Kenneth Roszel, Director of Radiography Program, Radiography, Geisinger Medical Center

Wednesday, Oct. 17
HSC G40 6:30 pm: Mr Kevin Zajac, Admissions, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, PCOM offers programs in physician assistant studies and osteopathic medicine                                
HSC G42 7:15 pm: Mr. Richard Fritsky, Wildlife Diversity Biologist, PA Game Commission

Thursday, Oct. 18
HSC G40 6:30pm: Dr. Coulter Ward, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Binghamton Univeristy
HSC G40 7:15 pm: Ms. Morgan & Ms. McDaniels, Sonography, Lackawanna College

Monday, Oct. 22
HSC G40 6:30 pm: Mr. Ed Beitz, Medical Lab Science, York Hospital WellSpan Hospital
HSC G40 7:15 pm: Dr. Stacy Adams, DVM, Veterinarian, Loyalsock Animal Hospital

Tuesday, Oct. 23
HSC G40 6:30 pm: BU Graduate Student panel
Wednesday, Oct. 24
HSC G40 6:30 pm: Mr. Martin, Podiatric Medicine, Temple University.
HSC G40 7:15 pm: Ms. Emily Palen, Genetic Counseling, Geisinger Medical Center

Thursday, Oct 25
HSC G40 6:30 pm: Dr. Matt Oetjens, Medical Genomics, Geisinger Medical Center
HSC G40 7:15 pm: Ms. Kristen Douglass, Physician Assistant, Geisinger Medical Center
Wed. October 31
HSC G38. 6 pm.  Ms. Whitney Porter, Director of Admissions, Lincoln Memorial University, College of Osteopathic Medicine. 

Tues. Nov. 7
HSC G38. 6 pm . Ms. Alysha Nicholls, Assistant Director of Admissions, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine.

BAHS Seminar on Friday, October 12

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Kayla Sompel gains medical experience in Kenya

Kayla Sompel, a junior pre-medical sciences major and chemistry minor, traveled to Mombasa, Kenya with International Medical Aid, a program started by Johns Hopkins Medical School. This three-week program brings together pre-med students, pre-physician assistant students, nursing majors and residents to experience medical practices in a developing country. Kayla volunteered at the Coastal Providence General Hospital, the second largest government funded hospital in Kenya. She rotated through neonatal and inpatient pediatrics, meeting with children with abdominal cancer, sickle cell anemia, meningitis, and malaria. She found the ability of the doctors, students, and nurses to treat the patients with such limited resources to be miraculous. Kayla had the opportunity to do observe in the Emergency Department,  which she describes as the learning experience of a life time. Kayla conducted community outreach at the Baby Life Rescue Center and at BeHoCa, an orphanage for young boys. Kayla recommends a trip to a developing country for every pre-med student, noting that "it changed my life."

Kayla is the President of the Pre-medical Sciences Club and Vice-President of Students Helping Honduras. She is a recipient of the Biology and Allied Health Scholarship.

Biology Trivia Returns!

Sixteen teams duked it out for bragging rights at Biology Trivia. The event, hosted by Tri-Beta, the Biology Honor Society, pitted teams of students and faculty against each other in a friendly battle during four rounds of trivia questions.  Questions were taken from all disciplines of biology and included the basics to the bizarre. The consensus favorite question from the multiple choice round was:

Myotonia congenita is a genetic condition that causes:
 A.Skunks to lose their ability to spray
B.Cats to develop extra long whiskers
C.Chihuahuas to shake when nervous
D.Flamingos to be white in color
E.Goats to faint when startled

The lively group enjoyed pizza and snacks (and blue cupcakes courtesy of the pre-med club) while doing genetic problems and pondering the scientific names of flora and fauna. The winning teams were first place,Russian Roulette; second place, JJAKED up; and third place: Mighty-chondria.  Prizes for the winning teams included note cards, highlighters and cookies.  It's great to be a nerd!  

P.S. The answer to the multiple choice question above is E.
Happy trivia winners pose for a photo.

A record number of participants  play Biology Trivia.

Saturday, October 6, 2018


Angela Ciucci, Emily Rhine, Cassandra Riley and Dhir Gala
 make SLIME!
BAHS faculty, students, and alumni joined the CoST tent at BU's homecoming tailgate held at Fenstemaker Alumni House on Saturday, October 6. CoST Ambassadors Dhir Gala, Cassandra Riley and Emily Rhine engaged children in making SLIME, DNA models, and in coloring cells and hearts.  A good time was held by all!

Angela Ciucci, Dr. Venditti, Dr, Brubaker, Kevin and
Sophia Roadarmel

Dr. Venditti with Lizmeidy Hernandez, Husky Ambassador

Dr. Brubaker makes DNA!

Check out Dr. Henry's glasses!