Saturday, November 11, 2017

BAHS Students Practice Interview Skills

Fifteen BAHS students spent the afternoon on November 3 brushing up on their interview skills at Tri-Beta's MOCK INTERVIEW sessions. Students had the opportunity to have two interviews conducted by faculty. This was great preparation for interviews for medical imaging and laboratory science clinical programs, professional schools, graduate schools, and jobs. Following the interviews, students and faculty met for a debriefing to discuss the interview process and to enjoy some snacks. Student participants were Madison Aungst, Heather Beattie, Jamie Davis, Daniel Deignan, Nathan Feiertag, Dhir Gala, Lindsay Gehman, Joseph Kennard, Elizabeth Kester, Ben Paul, Samantha Romania, Michaela Roth, Erin Smith, Max Strickland, and Rachel Sullivan. Faculty interviewers were Dr. Bell from Chemistry and Biochemistry and BAHS faculty members: Drs. Beishline, Hare-Harris, Green, Kipe-Nolt, Coleman,  Schwindinger, Wood, Klinger, Brubaker, Williams, and Surmacz.  The event was hosted by Tri-Beta. Thanks to all for participating. Stay posted for future Mock Interview sessions!. 

Dr. Beishline publishes article in Nature Communications

Alexandria Ostman receives grants

Alexandria Ostman
Alexandria Ostman, a pre-veterinary science major and vice-president of the BAHS club,  has received two grants, a BU Professional Experience Research grant and a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists Undergraduate Research Grant. Allie is conducting research with her mentor Dr. Kevin Williams. The aims of her research are 1) to determine how hydraulic conductance is increased following clipping in a variety of plant species; 2) to determine if changes in hydraulic resistance influence the photosynthetic physiology of the leaf in a manner similar to conventional water stress; and 3) to compare the responses of plant species with different mechanisms of cicatrix formation and/or tolerance to herbivory. Poinsettias excrete a latex sap that may quickly clog damaged leaf tips and prevent water loss. Poinsettia responses to clipping will be compared to sunflowers that lack that ability. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Phi Kappa Phi Recognition Award Recipients

Congratulations to nine BAHS sophomores who were recognized by the interdisciplinary honor society Phi Kappa Phi for outstanding academic achievement in their freshmen year. The award recipients received certificates at a ceremony and reception on Nov 10, 2017. Award recipients include: Lauren Bunnell (Health Sciences), Ethan Fiedler (Health Sciences), Emily Hackenberg (Medical Imaging), Lizmeidy Hernandez (Health Sciences), Alexis Jasman (Health Sciences), Nina Litz (Medical Imaging), Nathan Reynolds (Health Sciences), Kathryn Sherry (Biology), and Mikayla Ulicny (Medical Imaging.)

Dr. Douglas Frank presents seminar on grazing ecology in Yellowstone

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

BAHS Students take a Husky Career Road Trip

BAHS students took a Husky Career Road Trip on October 25, 2017, sponsored by BU's Alumni and Professional Engagement. The group headed to Geisinger Medical Center Laboratories in Danville, PA to learn about opportunities for careers in medical laboratories. The group took a tour of Geisinger's state of the art clinical laboratories and and learned about job opportunities at Geisinger.  Participating in the road trip were Caitlyn Barr, Bailey Hoyt, Casey Klinger, Marissa McCann, Miranda Payeskie, Julia Peters, Abigail Pool, Casey  Steward, Taylor Stierle.  Besarta Vukaj, Emily Weaver, and Alexander WehrDr. Karl Henry accompanied the group. 

BAHS celebrates Halloween

The BOO-ology Department celebrated Halloween with costumed faculty and a Spooktacular  Bake Sale  that was no tricks and all treats. Check out the festivities below!
Jade Hensinger and Jonathan Adamchick sell ghoulish delights
at the Tri-Beta Bake Sale. 

Bill Nye, aka Dr. Hare-Harris

T. rex (also known as Dr. Henry( visits Hartline Lobby.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

BAHS major Max Strickler is BU Homecoming King!

BAHS major and Homecoming King Max Strickland
 with Homecoming Queen Maggie Anthony
Congratulations to BAHS' own Max Strickler on being crowned as BU's 2017 Homecoming King. Max is majoring in Health Sciences, pre-physical therapy option, and minoring in psychology. Max recently completed a patient ambulation internship at Geisinger Medical Center. Max has been an Orientation Workshop Leader (OWL) since 2015 and has served as its vice-president and president. He has conducted community service and served as a mentor in his role as a Board of Governor's Scholar. Max plans to become a physical therapist.

Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society Welcomes New Members

The Bloomsburg University chapter of Beta Beta Beta, the biology honor society, welcomed new members at its initiation ceremony in 108 Hartline Science Center on October 22, 2017. Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) is a society for students dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. Since its founding in 1922, more than 175,000 persons have been accepted into lifetime membership, and more than 430 chapters have been established throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. The mission of Tri-Beta is:  1) to stimulate scholarship; 2) to disseminate scientific knowledge; and 3) to promote biological research (  
Tri-Beta Officers, 2017-2018)

The ceremony was conducted by Tri-Beta officers President Jerome Betz, Vice-President Nathan Feiertag, Secretary Jade Hensinger, Treasurer Jamie Davis, and Historian, Adrienne Yordy. During the ceremony, initiates learned about the history, symbols and mission of Tri-Beta and took a pledge to promote its spirit, objectives, and honor. Congratulating the graduates were Dean Robert Aronstam and BAHS Chairperson Dr,  Angela Hess. Guest speaker Dr. Abby-Hare Harris engaged the assembly of initiates and their families, BAHS faculty, and guests with a presentation on "Genetics is the Spice of Life." 

Current student members of Tri Beta are: Alina Allgyer, Brandon Arnsberger, Emily Ashberry,Jerome Betz III, Jamie Davis, Daniel Deignan, Nathan Feiertag, Grace Fronheiser, Kyle Gainard,Rebecca Goldstein, Jared Harris, Jade Hensinger, Juliana Hernandez, Malyn Maloney, Rachel McDonald, MacKenzie McDowell, Erin Smith, and Adrienne Yordy. 

New Initiates 2017
Regular Members
Jonathan Adamchick
Madison Aungst
Amber Bogdanowicz
Sarah Cantymagli
Jessica Comstock
Andrew Cross
Valerie Davi
Dhir Gala
Lindsey Gehman
Aaron Gordon-Weaver 
Kaitlyn Gresko
Devin Jenkins
Elizabeth Kester
Robert Kilpatrick
Allison McCracken
Emily Noll
Benjamin Paul
Jennifer Ringsdorf
Jacklyn Rispin
Sarah Ritter
Michaela Roth
Rachel Ryver
Justin Salak
Phoebe Slavens
Daniel Steinhauser 
Rachel Sullivan
Michaela Wagner
Emily Weaver
Ian Whiteside

Associate Members 
Christiana Cragwell
Natalie Ortman
Claire Pressimone
Colleen Tobey

Graduate Members
Heather Llewellyn

Friday, October 27, 2017

Pre-Med Students: Check out Geisinger Jan Plan!

Dr. Rier presents to the Fishing Creek Watershed Association

Dr. Surmacz is Career Day Panelist at Penn State College of Medicine

Dr. Cindy Surmacz
Dr. Cindy Surmacz was invited to serve on a panel at Graduate and Post-Doctoral Career Day at Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, PA on October 21. The day-long event was attended by 120 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from biomedical programs at both the Hershey and University Park campuses. Panelists represented careers as diverse as academic research, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, education, public health, science communication, science policy, non-profits,  and science administration. Dr. Surmacz served on a panel of faculty from liberal arts colleges. She is a 1983 alumna from the Department of Physiology.

Dr. Moria Chamber from Bucknell University presents BAHS Seminar

Dr. Chamuris is "Science at Bloom" Lecturer

Dr. George P. Chamuris, Professor
Dr. George Chamuris presented the inaugural lecture of the new dean's lecture series, "Science at Bloom" on October 19, 2017. Dr. Chamuris's talk, was entitled "The Plants of Ricketts Glen, A Preliminary Vascular Flora." Ricketts Glen State Park lies on over 13,000 acres in Columbia, Luzerne, and Sullivan counties. It contains over 20 miles of hiking trails and is home to  the Glens Natural Area, a National Natural Landmark, and 22 named waterfalls. Through the use of beautiful photography, Dr. Chamuris provided the audience with a "virtual hike" of the flora found on the primary trails in the park.  The audience was provided with Dr. Chamuris's publication Hiker's Guide to the Trees, Shrubs and Vines of Ricketts Glen State Park, now in its 6th edition. The Guide can be accessed at:
Check out the web page pf Dr. Chamuris's Flora of Ricketts Glen Project: