Monday, August 1, 2016

Master's Program Welcomes New Students

Dr. Thomas Klinger,
Coordinator, Master's Program in Biology
A hearty BAHS welcome to our new students who have entered the Masters of Science program in Biology. Our master's program in general biology provides opportunities for course work and research at the supraorganismal, organismal, cellular, and molecular levels of biology. The program prepares students for admission to doctoral programs or professional schools and also enhances the knowledge and experience of high school biology teachers.For more information, contact the graduate program coordinator, Dr. Thomas Klinger (

The following students have entered the program in spring 2016: Jordan Krebs (mentor, Dr. Rier), Bradley Ohlinger (mentor, Dr. Hranitz); and John Poling (mentor, Dr. Klingerman). Aboard for fall semester 2016 are: Stephanie Buczkowski (mentor, Dr. Hess), Alex Hoke (mentor, Dr. Corbin), Heather Llewellyn (mentor, Dr. Schwindinger), Michael Moniger (mentor, Dr. Klinger), Rachael Ogden (mentor, Dr Venditti), and Heather Schlenker (mentor, Dr. Hess). Welcome to all!