Monday, October 10, 2016

Celebrating Academic Achievement

Celebrating Dean's Candy Bar Day in Hartline Lobby
Dean's List Candy Bar Day celebrates students in the College of Science and Technology who were named to the Dean's List during Spring Semester 2016. To be eligible, students must earn a GPA of 3.5 or above. Receiving her candy bar is Madison Quinn, BAHS Medical Imaging major. Shown with Madison are from left, student worker Meaghan Eckel, Dr Robert Aronstam, Dean of the College of Science and Technology, Madison Quinn and Shannon Yarnell, CoST secretary. Congratulations to Madison and to all our candy bar recipients!.

BAHS Students on the Dean's List, Spring 2016 
Ramona Adrien, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Alina Allgyer, Biology BA
Nicholas Angeny. Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Elijah Anseaume, Biology BS
Darianny Antonio, Medical Imaging BS
Nicholas Apfelbaum, Biology BS, environmental biology
Brandon Arnsberger, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Emily Ashberry, Biology BS
Brandon Ball, Biology BS, environmental biology
Emily Barrett, Medical Imaging BS
Lauren Barrett, Biology BS, environmental biology
Carrie-Anne Barry, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Sarah Bartra, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Christopher Bastardi, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Hanan Ben Nacef, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Jerome Betz, Biology BS, molecular biology
Allison Bleistein, Biology BS, environmental biology
Amber Bogdanowicz, Biology BS, molecular biology
Gabriella Bonchack, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Michelle Bressi, Medical Imaging BS
Mikala Britt, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Laura Campbell, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Victoria Campbell, Biology BS, molecular biology
Sydney Casey, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Kahli Castagnera, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Leah Chan, Medical Imaging BS
Allison Charles, Medical Imaging BS
Iane Charles, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Morgan Cillo, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Elizabeth Cole, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Tonya Copello,, Medical Imaging BS
Andrew Cross, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Valerie Davi, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Alexis DeGrandis, Health Sciences BS
Jonathan Del Colliano, Health Sciences BS
Danielle Delgiorno, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Bethany Deppen, Medical Imaging BS
Alexandria Dougherty, Medical Imaging BS
Sharnise Dozier, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Hannah Edgar, Medical Imaging BS
Stephanie Evans, Biology BS, environmental biology
Elliott Fackler, Biology BS, environmental biology
Ryan Faust, Medical Imaging BS
Nathan Feiertag, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Alondra Fernandez, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
George Figueroa, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Gina Fiore, Medical Imaging BS
Eric Fitzgerald, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Kyle Flannery, Health Sciences BS
Courtney Fritz, Health Sciences BS
Grace Fronheiser, Biology BA
Edgar Garcia, Health Sciences BS
Lindsay Gehman, Medical Imaging BS
Aaron Gordon-Weaver, Biology BS, environmental biology
Tori Goshow, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Emma Hecker, Medical Imaging BS
Jade Hensinger, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Juliana Hernandez, Biology BA
Jacqlene Hoffman, Biology BS, environmental biology
Jade Hoffman, Medical Imaging BS
Justin Howal, Medical Imaging BS
Morgan Ilgenfritz, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Niles Kauffman, Medical Imaging BS
Elizabeth Kester, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Eleanor Kirby, Medical Imaging BS
Chad Klinedinst, Biology BS, environmental biology
Kurt Knepley, Biology BS, molecular biology
Troy Koch, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Courtney Kovilaritch, Medical Imaging BS
Jerimiah Kozacheck, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Haley Kravitz, Health Sciences BS
Kaylei Lapchak, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Kayla Lavella, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Zackary Lehman, Medical Imaging BS
Brett Luhrman, Medical Imaging BS
William Madden, Health Sciences BS
Alison Martin, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Marjorie Martin, Medical Imaging BS
Patrick Martin, Biology BS
Katherine Mather-Shingara, Biology BS, environmental biology
Natalie Mayo, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Allison McCracken, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Lily Mehalick, Medical Imaging BS
Lexie Mendall, Biology BS, environmental biology
Shaidy Moronta, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Hosanna Mullen, Biology BS, molecular biology
Madison Mullen, Biology BA, natural history
Tiffany Mulligan, Medical Imaging BS
Emily Noll, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Benjamin Paul, Biology BS, environmental biology
David Perez, Biology BA
Jonathan Perez, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Jean-Nicole Place, Biology BS, molecular biology
Jacob Plachko, Medical Imaging BS
Dominick Policare, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Ethan Powell, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Madison Quinn, Medical Imaging BS
Amy Rader, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Victoria Reggie, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy
Blake Remensnyder, Health Sciences BS
Ryan Rhoades, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Emily Rine, Health Sciences BS
Jennifer Ringsdorf, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Marcus Roberts, Biology BA, natural history
Samantha Romania, Medical Imaging BS
Jamie Rosencranse, Medical Imaging BS
Michaela Roth, Biology BS
Kylie Ruhl, Medical Imaging BS
Cody Seachrist, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Kayla Sensenig, Medical Imaging BS
Terri Shoop, Medical Imaging BS
Bailey Smith, Medical Imaging BS
Kayla Smith, Medical Imaging BS
Monique Snow, Medical Imaging BS
Megan Sorber, Medical Imaging BS
Brina Jo Sotelom Medical Imaging BS
Renee Spancake, Biology BS, environmental biology
Derek Stahl, Medical Imaging BS
Morgan Stauffer, Medical Imaging BS
Daniel Steinhauser, Biology BS, environmental biology
Keara Suprock, Medical Imaging BS
Devan Sweeney, Medical Imaging BS
Matthew Swift, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Beau Tamanini, Health Sciences BS
Autumn Temple, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Mallory Tomaschik, Health Sciences BS, pre-physician assistant
Taylor Trautwein, Health Sciences BS
Jennifer Tuomisto, Biology BS, environmental biology
Brittany Underkoffler, Health Sciences BS, medical lab science
Amber Wagner, Biology BS
Alexander Wehr, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Rachael Wood,  Medical Imaging BS
Adrienne Yordy, Biology BS, pre-medical sciences
Olivia Zeitler, Medical Imaging BS
Brandon Zimmerman, Biology BS
Taylor Zucco, Health Sciences BS, pre-physical therapy