Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Learn About Careers in Biology and Allied Health

BAHS welcomes several speakers during the month of October to present information on various career options in biology and allied health. Everyone is invited to attend!
Careers in Biology/Allied Health

Monday, Oct. 10              Tuesday, Oct. 11

HSC G42 6:30 pm                           HSC G42 6:15 pm  

Mr. Kenneth Roszel                     Mr.SteveUhl                         

Radiography                                    Physician Assistant

Geisinger Medical Center                Evangelical Community Hosp.


Wednesday, Oct. 12        Thurs, Oct. 13

HSC G40 6:15 pm                           HSC G42 6:30 & 7:00 pm  

Mr. Ron Byerly                                Cathy Haffner

Physician Assistant                         Conservation Coordinator

Geisinger Medical Center                PA Game Commission


Heather Almer

                                                        Watershed Specialist

                                                        CC Conservation District


Monday, Oct. 17             

HSC G42 6:00 pm                          

Mr. Kevin Zajac                                              

Medicine, Pharmacy                      

Philadelphia COM                                                  



Tuesday, Oct. 25             Thurs, Oct. 27

HSC 122 6:30 pm                           ABLE (CRH 119) 5:00 pm

Mr. Brian Spezialetti                          Ms. Julianne Heater

Medical Lab Science                       Medical Student

Robert Packer Hosp.                       Philadelphia COM