Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sneak peek at Spring Elective Offerings

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Electives are a great opportunity to explore new fields, pursue a specific interest, or prepare for graduate or professional school. The following biology and health science electives are planned for spring 2017. Consult your curriculum guide or academic advisor to determine which ones count towards your particular academic program.

Biology 233 Human Genetics, Dr. Chamruis
Biology 301 Introduction to Healthcare, Dr. Venditti
Biology 333 Molecular Biology, Dr. Davis
Biology 342 Medical Microbiology, Dr. Henry
Biology 361 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Dr. Corbin
Biology 420/520, Global Change Biology, Dr. Rier
Biology 442/542 Virology, Dr. Nolt
Biology 472 Animal Cell Physiology, Dr. Brubaker
Biology 474 Human Physiology, Dr. Hansen
Biology 470 Integrated Physiology Lab, Drs Williams and Coleman
Biology 489/589 Current Topics in Biology, Lyme Disease

Writing in Biology will also be offered by Dr. Ardizzi.

In addition, to the above electives, the following core classes for various BAHS programs will also be offered: Concepts in Biology 1 and 2, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Ecology, Genetics, Medical Terminology, Introduction to Nutrition, Senior Seminar.