Wednesday, June 14, 2017

BAHS hosts Girl Scout Badge College

The Biology and Allied Health Club and Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society teamed up to sponsor a Girl Scout Badge College for scouts in the region. The junior scouts earned their "Flowers" badges learning all about the structure, function, and uses of flowers. The cadettes focused on the "Special Agents" badge and examined fingerprints, blood spatters, and animal foot prints. The scouts isolated DNA from a banana and crafted DNA necklaces. Senior Scouts earned the "Science of Fashion Badge" gaining first hand experience in chromatography and fiber analysis. Participating were Jared Harris, Haley Kravitz, Lauren Chamberlin, Emily Broadbent, Andrew Denichenko, Adrienne Yordy, Jerome Betz III, and Elliott Fackler. The Biology Club is advised by Drs. Hess and Venditti and Tri-Beta is advised by Dr. Surmacz.  
Area scouts earn badges in Hartline.

Lauren, Emily, Haley, Jerome and Dr. Venditti help Girls Scouts earn
 badges during the Badge College.

Andrew helps junior scouts earn their Flowers badge.

Dr. Hess leads a session on the structure, function,
and uses of flowers.

Jerome works with a "sketch artist" during the Special
Agents Badge worlshop.

Elliott works with junior scouts
 at the Girl Scout Badge College.

Adrienne helps Girls Scouts make a corsage
while working on their flower badge.