Sunday, January 25, 2015

Summer research opportunity at BU: Check out URSCA

All about URSCA....

What is it? URSCA stands for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Award. This is a summer program that supports undergraduates engaged in research, scholarly, and creative activities while being mentored by faculty members.

Why participate? URSCA is a great opportunity to engage in original research, to extend your classroom learning, to work closely with a faculty member, and to gain experiences to be competitive for jobs and professional or graduate school.

 How much is the award? Awards are for either half-time ($250/wk) or full-time ($500/wk) support for the number of weeks needed to complete a proposed summer experience. Minimum awards are full-time for three weeks ($1,500) and maximum awards are full-time for 12 weeks ($6,000). 

How do I apply? Students prepare a proposal for a research, scholarly, or creative activity (URSCA) with a faculty mentor, submit the proposal by the deadline, and then are selected by a committee of faculty representing all disciplines.
What are the requirements of participating in the URSCA program?  If selected, students will be required to complete forms to be hired in the summer 2014, attend a mandatory meeting on April 18th, participate in a pre-summer session URSCA workshop, complete their project in the summer 2014, and present at the Susquehanna Valley Undergraduate Research Symposium on the last Tuesday of the summer session. In addition, participants will be required to attend mandatory workshops and meetings throughout the summer. A final report will be prepared during the last week of summer session

When I can learn more about the program, get help finding a mentor, or get assistance in preparing a proposal? Attend one of the Q & A workshops:
          January 29th at 3:30-4:30 pm in 163 Centennial Hall.
          January 30th at 3:00-4:00 pm in 163 Centennial Hall.
What types of projects have previous BAHS students conducted in the URSCA program?   

           During the summer of 2014, the following BAHS students and faculty mentors participated in the URSCA program: 

        o    Caitlin Carlin, mentored by Kristen Brubaker, Analysis of the effects of heat stress on transcription factors Hsf1, Nrf2, and FOXO found in the bee species Megachile rotundata
        o    Martina Drew, mentored by Clay Corbin & Amber Pitt, Factors influencing bird-window collisions during      summer and migration on Bloomsburg University campus
        o    Ali Hussain, mentored by William Schwindinger, "Methylation of GNG7 promoter in normal mouse tissue"
        o    Kirk Jeffreys, mentored by William Coleman, "Investigation of synapsin II and Munc 13 co-localization at the  earthworm neuromuscular junction"
        o    David Strawn, mentored by William Coleman, "Investigation of the role of inhibitory neurotransmission on      readily releasable vesicle pool size"
                   When is the deadline to submit URSCA applications? All materials must be submitted via the Competition Space website  by February 16, 2015. 

Ali Hussain explains his URSCA research project at the College of Science and Technology Research Day
Martin Drew with her URSCA mentor Dr. Amber Pitt.