Sunday, January 18, 2015

Take classes at the beach this summer!

Laura Herrold 
Dr. Corbin's Marine Ecology class

The Chincoteague Bay Field Station is located in Wallops Island, VA on the eastern shore of Virginia. This barrier island ecosystem provides unique opportunities for students to take classes and to conduct research. Summer classes at the Field Station are a great way to get a “ hands-on, feet-wet” education. Classes are taught by faculty from different colleges of the PA State System of Higher Education but ALL COURSES will transfer to BU WITH THE LETTER GRADE. Courses run three weeks and meet morning, afternoon, and sometimes evening as needed for the course content. You would only take one course in three weeks. Most of the science courses at the field station are not offered at BU and many count as biology electives. Be sure to check with your academic advisor regarding the appropriateness of a class to your particular curriculum!  Please contact Drs. Klinger (, Hranitz (, or Corbin ( for more information. Directions for signing up for field station courses will be found later in the spring semester at the BU registrar’s office website.    Course descriptions can be found at There is also an informative pamphlet on the BAHS Bulletin Board.
Courses and Sessions are as follows: 

May 18-June 5:  Invertebrate Zoology,  Coral Reef Ecology, Marine Biology, Biological Oceanography, GIS

 June 8 - June 26: Ichthology, Field Methods in Oceanography, Marine Ecology, Coastal Herpetology, Intro to Molecular Biotechnology.

 June 29 - July 17: Behavioral Ecology, Estuarine Water Quality Management, Coast Environmental Oceanography,  Conservation Biology

 July 20 - August 7: Marine Geology, Aquaculture, Marine Invertebrates, Accelerated Marine Icthyology, Marine Ecology