Sunday, January 18, 2015

BAHS Students Present at College of Science and Technology Research Day

The College of Science and Technology Research and Scholarship Day on December 5 was a day for students to share their research results with the university community.  The following BAHS students presented talks and posters:

Hansal Jani. Gene Expression in Macronutrient Pathways During Acute Ehtanol Intoxication of Honey Bees.  Mentors: Dr. John Hranitz and Dr. Charles Abramson (Oklahoma State University)
Martina Drew. Factors Influencing Bird to Whindow Collisions on Bloomsburg University Campus. Mentor Dr. Amber Pitt and Dr. Clay Corbin

Sean Hartzell. The Historic Distribution of the Eastern Hellbender Salamander (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis_ in the Susquehanna Drainage of Pennsylvania. Mentor: Dr. Amber Pitt
Jeffrey Dailey and Ali Hussain. Differential Methylation of GNG7 in Normal B6 Mouse Tissue. Mentor: Dr. William Schwindinger

Jacob Morton and Blake Shoemaker. Effects of Temperature of the levels of Heat Shock Protein 70 in Black Worms (Lumbriculus variegates). Mentor. Dr John Hranitz and Cynthia Surmacz
Alan Newnham.  Relative Population Denisity and Behvioral Time Budgets of Seaside Dragonlets (Erythrodiplax berenice) in Impaired and Intact Salt Marsh Habitats.  Mentor: Dr. Clay Corbin

Jessica Willis. Investigation of the Interactions of Synapsin I rab3A within the Presynaptic Terminals of the Mouse Neuromuscular Junction. Mentor: Dr. William Coleman.