Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Research in the Coleman Lab

Kurt Knepley, Dr. Coleman, and Kirk Jeffreys
Dr. William Coleman has been mentoring two research students this summer.  Kurt Knepley, a B.S. Biology- molecular option student, is conducting an independent research project (Biology 390) investigating the distribution of synapsin proteins within the earthworm nervous system using immunohistochemical techniques.  He will also be investigating the possible interaction of synapsin III with Rab3a using an immunofluorescence colocalization assay.   Kurt was awarded an Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activities (URSCA) award for his summer research.  Kirk Jeffreys is a  graduate student in the M.S. Biology program.  Kirk is investigating vesicle cycling and vesicle pool dynamics using the fluorescent styryl dye Synaptogreen within the earthworm nervous system as part of his thesis research.