Friday, May 15, 2015

BAHS Honors Program Graduates

Brendon Juengst (left) and  Bryce Foster (right)
don their honors program stoles at the Senior
Honors Program Brunch.
       Brendon Juengst and Bryce Foster recently completed the requirements of the University Honors Program. The University Honors Program focuses on academics, service, and community.  Students are required to take a a variety of special honors courses, complete two semesters of Honors Independent Study in which they engage in original research under the guidance of a faculty member, and become involved in the community through service projects.
       Bryce's Honors Thesis investigated "The Differences in Foraging Behavior and Predation of Small Mammals in Human Populated Environments Compared to Wilderness Events." His research mentor was Dr. Marianna Wood.
       Brendon's Honors Thesis was "An Investigation into a Putative Fe³ᶧ Transporter from Oats." Dr. George Davis was his mentor.
Congratulations Bryce and Brendon! This is a great accomplishment.