Friday, May 15, 2015

Biology Trivia Returns!

What is cranial nerve number 7? What is a coprolite? What classic book written in 1962 by Rachel Carson warned of the dangers of DDT and launched the current environmental movement? What is the excretory organ of an earthworm?  The answers to these and other random questions were the subject of Tri-Beta's Biology Trivia Night this semester. BAHS faculty, alumnus Blake Shoemaker, graduate students & undergraduates  gathered for pizza, prizes, and a good time. Trivia questions ranged from genetics and molecular biology to botany and taxonomy. Something for everyone! Bragging rights this semester go to the team of Jacob Morton, Blake Shoemaker, Katie Hawkins and Jessica Willis who narrowly edged the competition to claim victory. Thanks to all who came out to play Biology Trivia. Hope to see you next semester!