Sunday, April 24, 2016

BAHS students present at PAS

Katie Greene, Rebecca Proce and Andrew King
 present posters on Type 2 Diabetes
BAHS students enrolled in Current Topics in Biology: Type 2 Diabetes (Biology 390) during fall semester 2015 presented the results of their epidemiology research projects at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences at Delaware Valley University recently. Master's students Andrew King and Rebecca King presented a poster on the "Geodemography of Type 2 Diabetes in Pennsylvania." Andy and Becky also presented this work at the Health Sciences Symposium.  Katie Greene, a Health Science major in the pre-physical therapy option, presented a poster that addressed the question " Is the prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes related to income in Pennsylvania counties?" This work was a collaborative effort with BAHS majors Hayley Sparks and Iane Charles. The posters generated a great deal of interest and discussion from conference attendees.