Saturday, February 4, 2017

CoST Research Day

The following BAHS students presented their research to the university community at CoST Research Day in Hartline lobby on December 9, 2017.

Amber Bogdanowicz and Dr. Schwindinger. Calcium signaling in SH-SY5Y Cells and G Protein Subunit Gamma 4.

Kurt Knepley and Dr. Coleman. Distribution and colocalization of synapsin I, II and III with RAB 3A in the earthworm nervous system.

Daniel Steinhauser, and Drs. Venn, and Hallen. Are there effects of hydraulic fracking in Crystal Lake in Lycoming County?

The following students working in Dr. Steven Rier's lab and enrolled in Limnology presented their class research projects.
Bradley Ohlinger and Dr. Rier. Effects of disturbance in algal communities in Fishing Creek.

Alex Hoke, David Hooker, and Dr. Rier. Consequences of elevated salinity levels from simulated brine spills associated with fracking on coenzyme activity in periphyton.

Brie Ann Stauffer and Dr. Rier. Acid mine drainage remediation effects and conclusions: Comparison of Catawissa Creek and  AMD-impacted Nescopeck Creek.

Corey Conville and Dr. Rier. Reevaluation of macroinvertebrates. Indication of  water quality in Schuylkill River tributaries.

Sean Hartzell and Dr. Rier. A crayfish survey of the Fishing Creek watershed in northeast Pennsylvania.

Shawna Blake and Dr. Rier. Incorporating Fishing Creek's real-time water quality monitoring station into a middle school or high school classroom

Aaron Gordon, Jennifer Tuomisto, and Dr. Rier. Response of stream biofilms to pulsed versus stead state phosphorous additions.

David Hooker, Alex Hoke, and Dr. Rier. How varying concentrations of sodium chloride affect the efficiency of periphyton photosynthesis in artificial streams.
Amber Bogdnaowicz

Kurt Knepley

Corey Conville

Sean Hartzell

Shawna Blake

Brad Ohlinger

Brie Ann Stauffer

Aaron Gordon

Alex Hoke