Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Faculty Updates

Dr. Thomas Klinger shares his thoughts on his spring semester sabbatical...

During this leg of my sabbatical, I have been invited to participate in a program exploring the development and promotion of conceptual frameworks for sustainable practices in communities which rely on shallow-water coastal marine resources.  Dr. Chang-Po Chen is Chief Supervisor of the Taipei Wetland Society, and Dr. Hwey-Lian Hsieh is a faculty member with the Biodiversity Research Center of the Academia Sinica, Taipei.  They have asked that I join their efforts to frame culturally relevant constructs for ecological concerns, which could be used in public education and policy efforts.  Drs. Chen and Hseih, a husband and wife team, are hoping that my participation will contribute experience in fisheries and aquaculture, particularly with invertebrate animals, and insights into Western views on sustainability and on the value ascribable to marine natural resources.  They have developed a wonderful, multipronged program to promote conservation of horseshoe crabs in the South China Sea.  They, and their students, are involved in investigating population biology, fisheries research, educational programs, and policy work.  I am hoping to participate in their diverse programs with an eye toward generalizing their highly successful approach and looking toward applying the framework to other marine invertebrate animals in other parts of the world.
Photos: top, Dr. Thomas Scott Klinger, Professor, Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences
bottom, horseshoe crabs!