Tuesday, May 23, 2017

BAHS pre-med majors head to PSU Primary Care Scholars Program

Ethan Powell
Adrienne Yordy

Adrienne Yordy and Ethan Powell, pre-medical science majors, have been accepted to the Penn State College of Medicine Primary Care Scholars Program. This select program, enrolling only thirty students annually, focuses on the philosophy and practice of primary care medicine. Primary care includes the disciplines of family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics. Ethan and Adrienne will spend the first week of this two week program at the College of Medicine Campus in Hershey where they will have the opportunity to interact with medical students and faculty, They will explore current issues in health care delivery in the context of primary care medicine. Also, on the agenda are discussions of the medical school curriculum, problem based learning, the admissions process, and financial aid. During the second week of the program, Ethan and Adrienne will shadow in a primary care setting.

Adrienne is a dean's list student and will serve as the president of the Pre-Medical Sciences Club next academic year. She is a member of Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society and will serve as its historian. Adrienne was recognized by the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society for outstanding academic performance in the freshmen year and was recently inducted into the organization. 

Ethan is a dean's list student and Eagle Scout. He is also a member of Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society. Heathen is a pharmacy technician and a volunteer and electronic records concierge at St. Luke's University Health Network.