Saturday, March 14, 2015

Biology and Allied Health Club brings the joy of science to area children

The Biology and Allied Health Club led a workshop for 22 eager young scientists at the Children's Museum in Bloomsburg recently. During the workshop, the children explored the structure and function of the heart.  Workshop participants learned about heart anatomy, blood flow through the heart, and heart sounds.  Members of the BAHS club, along with Drs. Angela Hess and Jennifer Venditti, helped participants examine models, color a diagram, and complete a cross-word puzzle. A highlight of the workshop was dissecting a pig heart and tracing blood flow using plastic tubing.  The children were also able to listen to their heart sounds using a stethoscope.  Thanks to the following members of the BAHS club for making this event a huge success: Mikala Britt, Justin VanDerMolen, Tonya Copella, Natalie Mayo, and Kahli Castagnera . The BAHS Club has another workshop planned for
March 21 on microscopy.