Sunday, March 19, 2017

BAHS Fall 2017 electives

Electives are a great opportunity to pursue an area of interest, explore a new area, or prepare for future careers. Not sure which electives to take? Be sure to consult you curriculum sheet and talk to your academic advisor.

Biology 211             Invertebrate Zoology, Dr. Klinger
Biology 233             Human Genetics, Dr. Chamuris
Biology 253             Freshwater Biology, Dr. Rier
Biology 332             Genetics, Dr. Ardizzi
Biology 333             Molecular Biology, Dr. Davis
Biology 334             Molecular Biology Lab, Dr. Brubaker
Biology 364             Vertebrate Histology, Dr. Corbin
Biology 421(521)     Ecosystem Management, Dr. Rier
Biology 430 (530)    Evolution, Dr. Chamuris
Biology 445              Pharmacology for Hlth Sci, Dr. Schwindinger
Biology 474              Human Physiology, Dr. Coleman
Biology 476(576)     Neurophysiology, Dr. Coleman

Biology 479, Integrated Physiology Lab is also offered.