Sunday, March 6, 2016

BAHS Fall 2016 Semester Elective Offerings

Electives offer a great opportunity for you to explore new fields or strengthen an area of  particular academic or career interest. Please see the instructor for more information on any of the fall 2016 elective offerings listed below:

Biology 233                Human Genetics                     Dr. Hansen
Biology 343                Immunology                            Dr. Brubaker
Biology 333                Molecular Biology                   Dr. Davis
Biology 364                Vertebrate Histology               Dr. Corbin
Biology 445                Introductory Pharmacology     Dr. Schwindinger
Biology 473/573         Cancer Biology                        Dr. Hess
Biology 452/552         Limnology                                Dr. Rier
Biology 451/551         Conservation Biology              Dr. Wood
Biology 212                Vertebrate Zoology                  Dr. Hranitz
Biology 489/589         Current Topics in Biology         Dr. Chamuris  
                                   (Human Evolutionary Genetics)

Physiology Courses:
Biology 474                Human Physiology                   Dr. Hansen
Biology 479                Integrated Physiology Lab       Drs. Williams and Hansen