Friday, January 29, 2016

BAHS students shared their research results at the College of Science and Technology Research Day on December 4, 2016.  The event celebrates the achievements of students throughout the college in research and scholarly activities. Leading off the program was Dean Robert S. Aronstam, keynote speaker.  Dr. Aronstam discussed constitutive signaling activity in orphan G protein-coupled receptors. The following BAHS students presented talks and posters:
Masters students Shandna Burroughs and Kirk Jeffries
Kira Englan

Shandna Burroughs (mentor: Dr. Candice Klingerman) Preliminary Results: Ghrelin is affecting sexual and ingestive behaviors of female Syrian hamsters.

Jalil Alston (mentor: Dr. Barry Nolt) evaluation of the fungicide sensitivity and pathogenicity of Pythium spp. cultivated from soils at Dillon Floral Corporation in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Jean-Nicole Place Add caption
Kirk Jeffries (mentor: Dr. William Coleman) Investigations of the effects of inhibitory signaling on vesicle pool dynamics using the BAGA-A receptor antagonist bicuculline methiodide.

Samirah Boksmati (mentor: Dr. Candice Klingerman) Effects of Neuropeptide Y on sexual and
ingestive behavior in the female Syrian hamster

Corey Conville (mentor: Dr. Clay Corbin) Behavioral response of mayfly community in trout-stocked tributaries of the Susquehanna River

Kira England (mentor: Dr. Amber Pott) Potential influences of small mammal scavenger
populations on bird-window mortality surveys on Bloomsburg University Campus

Kira England (mentor: Dr. Steven Rier) Diel Stream chemistry and periphyton dynamics

Rachel Johnson (mentor: Dr. Amber Pitt) Eastern hellbender (Cryptobranchus allleganiensis alleganiensis) population status, spatial distribution, and microhabitat use in Pennsylvania streams.
Masters student Samira Boksmati

Lexie Mendall (mentor: Dr. Thomas Klinger) Do feeding mechanics affect association between populations in tidal mud and sand flats around Assateague, Chincoteague, and Wallops Islands, Virginia

Jennifer Young (mentor: Dr. Schwindinger) Measuring methylation of GNG11 in human breast cancer.
Jennifer Young
Jean-Nicole Place (mentor: Dr. Schwindinger) Methylation of GNG7 in human breast cancer

Seniors and graduate students in Current Topics in Biology (Biology 489/589.02) conducted original research projects on the epidemiology of Type 2 Diabetes.  Students asked questions about the prevalence and incidence of diabetes in Pennsylvania counties using data from the US National Diabetes Surveillance System at the CDC,  the US Census, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The following students presented posters examining the public health burden of diabetes and its complications in the United States. Dr. Surmacz was the course instructor.

Andrew King and Rebecca Price. Geodemography of Type 2 diabetes in PA
Rob Lewis, Sean DeBarberie, and Nick Bilski
      Nicholas BilskiSean DeBarberie and Robert Lewis. Is your socioeconomic status putting you at risk for Diabetes?
      Katie Greene, Hayley Sparks, and Iane CharlesIs the prevalence of type 2 diabetes related to income in PA counties?
      Christopher Villa and Philip MosolinoIs diabetes related to poverty in PA?

·        Matthew Swift, Christopher Christopher Bastardi, and Jhumur Ray It’s all about th:e numbers: Diabetes Prevalence and Incidence in Columbia County and how it compares to an urban county, Pennsylvania, and the nation.

·        Shandna Burroughs and Kirk JeffriesA comparative analysis of risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes among Hispanics, African Americans, and Caucasians.

       Students in Dr. Klinger's Senior Biology Seminar class presented posters on the achievements and impact of influential biologists. The following students presented posters:

     Mikala Britt.  Structural Chemistry to molecular biology: Linus Carl Pauling

      Jessica Cusanelli. Pioneering U.S. Geneticist. Barbara McClintock

      Kelly Deiter. Historical Overview of Charles Otis Whitman

      Brooke Esbenshade.  Alpheus Hyatt.
      Stephanie Evans. Ed "Doc" Ricketts
      Kaitlyn Hitchener. Thomas Hunt Morgan

      Curtis Rigg. Spencer Fullerton Baird