Sunday, November 2, 2014

Road Trip to Johns Hopkins!

Drs. Kipe-Nolt and Nolt and thirteen BAHS majors headed to the Johns Hopkins Hospital Schools of Medical Imaging in Baltimore on October 24, 2014. Johns Hopkins offers medical imaging programs in radiography, nuclear medicine, and diagnostic medical sonography. MI majors making the trip are at right: Devin Jenkins, Emily Eddinger, Sabrina Sholtes, Jessica LaValva, Matthew Derkits, Derek Stahl, Maisie Orendorf, Cole Sexton, Lindsay Gehman, Derek Tripp, Kaitlin Juran, Sarah Vital, and Olivia Mulvaney. Devin Jenkins reported that she really enjoyed the visit to Johns Hopkins and liked the city of Baltimore. The highlight was the visit to the radiography department. She reports that their tour and visit to the hospital was very well-organized and the food was good, too!