Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cloning Fun in the Molecular Biology Lab

The students in Dr. Brubaker's Molecular Biology Laboratory (Biology 334) have been busy isolating bioluminescent bacteria from shrimp caught in Key West to eventually generate a genomic library.  They will be screening the library for the operon which contains all the genes needed for bioluminescence.

The future molecular biologists from back to front, left to right are: Spencer Randolph, Matt Moroz, Jeff Dailey, Nathan Mears, James Gamler, Ali Hussain, David Strawn, Megan Casella, Kirk Jeffreys, Caitlin Carlin and Victoria Campbell.

The second photo gives you a close-up of the bioluminescent bacteria sub-cloned from the shrimp.  Jeff Dailey is our handsome hand model!