Thursday, December 19, 2013

Busy Fall Semester Nears End!

We hope that you had a rewarding 
fall semester! Special greetings to
 our freshman, transfer students,
 and new majors. 

Ally Chory 
(Medical Imaging) and Jonathan 
Perez (Biology) enjoyed corn genetics and chi square tests (top pho
to), while Derek Tripp (Medical
 Imaging) and Sharnise Dozier
 (Health Sciences) checked out 
“potato dissection” in A & P I.
you haven’t jumped in already, we
 encourage you to become involved
 in the life of the Department. We 
have a lot to offer! Consider getting
 involved with faculty research.
 Check out the professors’ interests
 on the BAHS website.
You will 
find everything from stream ecology to neurophysiology. Get involved with our department’s
 clubs — the Biology and Allied
 Health Club and the Pre-Medical 
Sciences Club. 
This is a great way to meet new friends and explore your future profession. Consider opportunities to volunteer as a peer tutor or to serve in the community. The Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences (BAHS) is a busy, vibrant, and diverse place. We are excited that you are here.