Monday, September 19, 2016

Dr. Rier partners with Chesapeake Conservancy in Precision Conservation Efforts

Dr. Steven Rier
Bloomsburg University, along with the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Susquehanna University and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation are partners in a three year initiative to restore and conserve the Susquehanna River Watershed. This project of the Chesapeake Conservancy was funded by a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundatioin.This collaborative project pilots a new approach called precision conservation that aims to use new technologies and data sets to improve water quality by reducing sediment and nutrient pollution from non-point sources. .Dr. Steven Rier and his students will directly evaluate the effectiveness of the precision conservation approach by determining if restoration efforts actually reduce nutrient and sediment loads and restore key ecosystem functions. Bloomsburg University will receive $115,000 to complete this work. Congratulations to Dr. Rier. We look forward to learning the results of your research on the precision conservation approach.